Business Disputes


Our practice is founded upon long experience of the decisions and factors that matter when it comes to running a business successfully.

Whether it's a matter of principle or commercial return, we can help you test, validate and implement your strategies and just as important - we'll tell you when we think you can't.

We draw upon the knowledge gained from many years in litigation and mediation of mercantile disputes in county courts across the country, in the High Court and in the Court of Appeal.

Enforcement of judgments and orders is part and parcel and we can advise upon and implement the full range of options available, including insolvency measures.

From volume portfolios to complex high-value claims we can apply the technology and the human skills to achieve closure effectively and proportionately.




We advise and represent both employers and employees on a broad range of employment-related matters.

Where disputes arise we have the experience of litigation from the employment tribunals at first instance through the Employment Appeal Tribunal to the Court of Appeal.

Prevention, rather than cure, is also a large part of our work. We can help with drafting of agreements, policies and procedures designed to reduce the risk of conflict and unforeseen expense.

Similarly, we can advise on disciplinary and grievance processes, redundancy exercises and other areas of potential conflict whether with a view to bringing or resisting claims.

We can advise on and conduct negotiations at all stages of conflict. We have long-established working relationships with other specialists - mediators, barristers and other HR professionals - whose skills may add value.


Private Disputes


Uncertainty and risk may be the close companions of underwriters and investment bankers but for many private individuals they are likely to be unwelcome intruders.

Whether on the high street or in the back garden, even minor problems may become a source of frustration and expense that need effective management and resolution.

We can combine technical knowledge of your legal rights with an appraisal of your practical desires and priorities to help achieve affordable and pragmatic outcomes.

Our connections with experts in a multitude of disciplines assist the delivery of solutions through mediation and litigation techniques.

We can offer a range of funding options to cope with the unforeseen financial burden that a serious dispute may bring and where possible to spread the load.


Personal Injury


Not every misfortune gives rise to a valid claim but in the majority of circumstances the innocent victim of an assault, negligence or breach of a statutory duty is entitled to compensation.

We deal with all types of injury and loss claims arising from accidents - on the road, at work, in the supermarket - defective products, physical and psychological assault, medical negligence.

Most of our cases are funded by conditional fee ("no win, no fee") agreements backed by after the event ("ATE") insurance policies.

All of our instructions are a product of recommendation or direct advertising. We do not pay referral fees or subscribe to insurer 'panels'. We do not participate in the buying and selling of clients' claims.

Consequently we act only in the interests of our clients to maximize the compensation to which they are entitled. Call us to find out if you may have a claim to pursue - without fear of a bill for telling you that you haven't!