Road traffic accidents

RTAWe have wide experience of dealing with many types of claim that fall into the broad category of road traffic accidents, or RTAs.  A claim for compensation can arise in many different circumstances.

We represent drivers of cars and other vehicles who are injured as a result of the negligence of another road user, often resulting in a collision between the two vehicles but sometimes involving three or more others e.g. shunts.

We have represented motorcyclists and pedal cyclists who have been hit by other vehicles, or caused to swerve and crash, and injured sometimes very seriously. 

We have represented pedestrians injured on the highways, notably a dear old lady in her eighties mown down on a zebra crossing in the middle of Bridgwater at about 9.30 one Tuesday morning.  Mrs Pratt’s case, during the early days of conditional fee agreements, was to take us to the Court of Appeal and one of the landmark test cases on that subject.

We often act for passengers in vehicles who are injured through no primary fault of their own and may need to sue the driver of the vehicle they were travelling in instead of or as well as a third party.

We have acted for claimants with comparatively minor injuries, multiple fractures, lacerations requiring reconstructive surgery, amputations, facial and head injuries, psychiatric disorder and more.

If you have been involved in an accident, even though referral fees (which we have never been involved in) are now outlawed, the chances are you will still receive calls from insurer representatives offering to deal with your claim.  In the early days following the referral fee ban, some major insurers have already teamed up with firms of solicitors under the banner of an alternative business structure (ABS) to provide “a complete service”.

Instead of claims being sold openly by insurers’ claims management companies to firms of panel lawyers those transactions will happen within the confines of the ABS. The serious risks are that it will mean lack of independent advice – see Livin’ Aviva Loca - and scrappy service - Peanuts.

Don’t take the cheap option if you want the compensation to which you are entitled.  Contact us before you sign up with anyone else. Email or telephone our personal injury experts on 01460 200450