Redundancy is an emotive subject, often genuinely difficult for employer and employee alike. Technically, it’s a minefield.  Many SME owners and managers are surprised at the amount of “red tape” required to deal properly and at minimum risk with many redundancy exercises. 

Notification and consultation can be difficult, conceptually and practically.  Collective consultation has recently hit the headlines following the insolvency of Woolworths and reference to the European Court on a procedural point arising. 

In many situations, employers need to tackle the intricacies of pooling and selection.  Procedural requirements can be complicated.  Redundancy generates a very high proportion of unfair dismissal claims.

Redundancy may be unfair for the fundamental reason that it is not truly a redundancy situation.  Alternatively, it may be that the redundancy is genuine, but that the selection and/or dismissal process is unfair.

Business owners need to know what steps to take to minimize their risk of claims that will cost them more than is necessary or reasonable in already difficult financial circumstances.  Employees, with similar considerations, need to know if they are getting a fair deal and how to make the best of their situation.

There may be a range of options, from pursuing an unfair dismissal claim to negotiating a compromise

We have been there many times, on both sides of the line, and are able to advise on all the pitfalls and strategies.  As ever, you need to involve us sooner rather than later for maximum effect.

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