TrippingPublic liability and occupiers liability

Often termed “OL” and “PL” these are claims for compensation for injuries arising from the breach of statutory duty or negligence of those responsible for public places and other premises open to lawful visitors, although sometimes these duties extend to trespassers too.

This area covers injuries to people who have fallen on slippery floors or tripped on defective steps or other hazards in shops, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, schools and colleges, car parks and many other commercial or municipal areas and buildings.

It includes claims for injury and damage caused by potholes and other defects in roads and pavements where local authorities are in breach of their statutory duties to maintain public highways. 

We have secured compensation for people injured in many different ways.  Sometimes these link with claims against employers following accidents at work. Where serious defect or hazards result in death then there may be claims for relatives or dependants. 

OL and PL claims include what we often refer to as slippers and trippers.  Examples of successful claims that we have handled include:- 

  • A claim for compensation for pain and suffering by a lady who slipped and fell on a wet travelator in her local supermarket where, we said, the systems including matting at the entrance were inadequate to keep the moving and sloping surface dry in wet weather. 

  • A claim by a shopper who suffered a serious leg injury when she tripped over a loose shopping basket rack at the entrance to a busy supermarket; 

  • A claim for compensation and future care expenses for a lady who tripped on dangerous steps at the theatre; 

  • A claim for a young motorcyclist who broke his collar bone and damaged his motorbike when he skidded on excess gravel left on the roadway by the local highways authority after re-surfacing;

  • A claim by a lady who slipped whilst stepping down out of a shower at a holiday camp where there were no mats and the handrail was broken.

  • A claim by an elderly gentleman whose neck was trapped by the 'safety bar' on a ride at an amusement park! 

Williamsons have acted in a number of cases where shoppers have slipped on a variety of items where the shop did not have or failed to maintain adequate systems of inspection and cleaning.  Grapes and yoghurt are the most popular!

Our personal injury lawyers have represented people who have suffered injuries ranging from minor to severe as a result of tripping over hazards including uneven walkways on public roads and in shopping precincts. See for example Council trips up! 

If you have suffered injury in similar circumstances within the last three years contact us now for advice by email or telephone our personal injury experts on 01460 200450.