Private Disputes

Uncertainty and risk may be the close companions of underwriters and investment bankers but for many private individuals they are likely to be unwelcome intruders.

Whether on the high street or in the back garden, even minor problems may become a source of frustration and expense that need effective management and resolution.

We can combine technical knowledge of your legal rights with an appraisal of your practical desires and priorities to help achieve affordable and pragmatic outcomes.

Our connections with experts in a multitude of disciplines assist the delivery of solutions through mediation and litigation techniques.

We can offer a range of funding options to cope with the unforeseen financial burden that a serious dispute may bring and where possible to spread the load.

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“Thanks very much for your e-mail. It is a huge relief to know this nightmare has finally been concluded, with the best result we could have hoped for.We have passed the good news onto my dad who is so grateful to you for your hard work. Many, many thanks to you and your team.” - JT, Devon

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"The main reason for this note is to acknowledge your efforts on my behalf in obtaining such a successful conclusion. My very sincere thanks to you personally, together with my gratitude to Sarah and the other members of your team who have contributed to a very satisfactory result.” - RL, Dorset

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"Damn!! You're good. They just rang. Agreed, move out! Worth every penny!" - RM, London
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"Quick to respond to all enquiries however small. Helpful advice in easy to understand language (unusual for lawyers!). The service is first class." JS, Somerset
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