Property pricesPrice and service information – residential property

Williamsons regularly handle sales, purchases and remortgages of freehold and leasehold residential property.


Prices will vary according to what needs to be done, how much time we need to spend on it and who needs to do that work, from our most experienced lawyers to junior assistants.

Over a period of 12 months from December 2017 to November 2018 the ranges of charges for residential sales and purchase we dealt with were as follows:

  • Sales:  £710 - £2,750 plus VAT and disbursements e.g. land registry fees
  • Purchases: £465 - £4,530 plus VAT and disbursements e.g. land registry fees, searches, SDLT

The figures include freehold and leasehold transactions. Generally, leasehold titles are likely to demand more time and work as are first time purchases including those linked to ISAs.

Every transaction is different and that has a direct impact on how much it will cost. We will be happy to give you an estimate of the cost at the outset and tell you about the likely expenses that you’ll pay in addition to our charges e.g. search fees, stamp duty land tax etc. These will be the same wherever you go for your legal services.

We make various assumptions when we estimate the cost including for example that:

  •       There will be no serious issues about the value or condition of the property
  •       There are no particular problems with the legal title to the property
  •       All the people we have to deal with will communicate promptly and effectively
  •       The transaction will run its normal course

Other examples of factors that will increase the charge beyond the initial estimate are:

  •       Defects or other problems with the title of the property you are selling or buying 
  •       Prolonged and extensive enquiries by your buyer, if you are selling, despite the protocols that should apply 
  •       Delays in related transactions resulting in numerous and/or lengthy debates about dates and difficulties elsewhere 
  •       Problems in communication with solicitors, or agents, acting for other parties which shift more work on to us 
  •       After completion, additional work to satisfy the Land Registry in the course of completing the title 
  •       Delay and unreasonable requirements of lending institutions 
  •       Higher than average numbers of calls, emails & other communications with you and others including agents & mortgage providers.

Personnel and hourly rates

Our estimates take into account the hourly rates at which the time spent on the case by various personnel will be charged. Typically the work may be spread between the following:

  •       Director/senior solicitor - £225
  •       Graduate legal executive/assistant solicitor - £150
  •       Trainee solicitor/paralegal - £120