Partner disputePartnership disputes

The breakdown of relationships between the owners of an unincorporated business can be damaging and hugely expensive just as director & shareholder disagreements within limited companies.

As in the corporate environment, situations vary enormously.  The battlegrounds range from small trading partnership to large professional businesses.  We may be looking at a head-on disagreement between two equal partners or scenarios that involve a number of factions and separate offices within a large organization.

The biggest outfits are not necessarily the best prepared.  Many small businesses have at the very least some heads of agreement which set out the basic terms on which the partners agreed to collaborate.  In contrast, you may find surprising the number of professional firms who when asked for their partnership deed explain that they “never got round to it” – and that includes lawyers!

We are used to handling many and varied situations from all types of business environments.  The advantages of having a partnership deed become particularly clear in times of trouble but there is plenty of law to help where the evidence of what was agreed is patchy. 

The main provisions are to be found in a piece of legislation that is around 125 years old – so there has been plenty of time for people to test it in the courts!

With the benefit of our knowledge and insight, we can help to find early and effective solutions to problems that may otherwise destroy businesses and individuals.  Whether it is fixing relationships or ending them and moving on, you need practical solutions and expert guidance to find them.

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