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Litigation Can Go Wrong from the Very Start Without Expert Legal Advice

The process of litigation starts with service of documents and, without legal advice, it is precisely at that point where things can go badly wrong. As a guideline High Court ruling in a contract… Read More

Trusted Employee Quit to Join a Competitor? Consult a Lawyer Today!

If a trusted employee with in-depth knowledge of your trade secrets resigns to join a competitor, it can pose a major threat to your business. However, as a High Court case showed, expert lawyers… Read More

Court Orders Identification of Anonymous Twitter User in Defamation Case

It is notorious that many so-called tweeters keep their identities secret and that trying to find out their names from Twitter is likely to be a fruitless exercise. However, as a High Court case… Read More

Architect Who Left Door Unlocked Not Liable for Catastrophic Cinema Blaze

The first step in proving negligence is to establish the existence of a duty of care. A High Court case in which a firm of architects was cleared of liability in respect of a catastrophic fire… Read More

Teenager Injured in Fatal Road Crash Receives Over £3.7 Million

Road accidents that happen in the blink of an eye can have consequences that last a lifetime, which is why it is so important that victims are properly compensated. In one case, a young woman who… Read More

Professionally Drafted Deed Proves Decisive in Resolving Inheritance Dispute

Important documents often languish in drawers for years, gathering dust – but if they have been carefully drafted by a professional, they can make all the difference when the time comes. In a case… Read More

IR35 Tax Dispute – Radio Presenter Falls Foul of Intermediaries Legislation

The so-called intermediaries legislation – commonly known as IR35 – has been the source of perennial controversy since it hit the statute book and a tribunal’s ruling that a presenter’s relationship… Read More

Abuse Victims’ Compensation Rights Survive the Perpetrator’s Death

The potential liability of criminals to pay compensation to their victims does not come to an end with their death. In a unique High Court case, that principle was applied to the estate of a… Read More

Waitress Sexually Harassed By Chef Wins Compensation

It is beholden on all employers, no matter how small, to take effective steps to deter sexual harassment in the workplace. In one case, the owner of a family restaurant paid a heavy price for a… Read More

Public Procurement – High Court Detects Serious Design Flaws in Waste Plant

Amidst the white heat of competition that pervades public contract procurement exercises, tenderers sometimes put in over-ambitious bids which later come back to bite them. In one case, the High… Read More

Divorce is a Line in the Sand – But What If Your Financial Position Changes?

Financial orders made in divorce cases are meant to draw a line in the sand so that people can get on with the rest of their lives. However, they inevitably involve some speculation as to what the… Read More

Elderly Cyclist Knocked Down By Negligent Driver Wins £950,000 Damages

Accident victims should never be put off seeking compensation merely because they are advanced in years. In one case, a man aged in his 70s whose autumn years were blighted by injuries suffered when… Read More

COVID-19 – High Court Moves Fast to Help Save Airline on Brink of Collapse

For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic represents an existential crisis and their creditors face an unenviable choice between accepting a stern financial haircut or taking their chances in an… Read More

Judge Breaks Up Environmental Protest Camp to Enable Tree to Be Felled

The powerful voice of environmental campaigners would be a mere whimper were it not for their human rights to congregate and peacefully protest. However, as a case concerning a campaign to save an… Read More

Buyer of ‘Off-Spec’ Fuel Oil Cargo Awarded Over $3 Million in Damages

London’s enviable position as the world centre for the resolution of shipping disputes owes less to maritime history than it does to the ability of English lawyers and judges to master the… Read More

Unfair Dismissal and Discrimination – EAT Confronts Different Legal Tests

Different legal tests apply to unfair dismissal and discrimination claims and that can sometimes lead to surprising outcomes. That was certainly so in a case where an Employment Tribunal (ET) found… Read More

Young Meningitis Victim Wins Right to Millions in NHS Compensation

Meningitis is amongst the most grave illnesses that can afflict any child, but it is also one of the hardest to diagnose. In one case, a little girl who was suffering from the disease when she was… Read More

Data Protection – Delegating Due Diligence to Others is Rarely Enough

Businesses commonly engage data aggregators and list owners to perform direct marketing campaigns on their behalf. However, as a guideline case showed, such delegation does not relieve them of the… Read More

High Court Castigates Mortgage Brokers for Taking Secret Commission

Secret commissions – otherwise known as bribes – leave the taint of illegality on any transaction of which they form part and can have consequences far into the future. The High Court powerfully… Read More

Revolutionary Garden Hose Design Too ‘Obvious’ for Patent Protection

Patents reward originality, and inventions that are obvious developments on pre-existing designs do not qualify for protection, however successful they may be. In a ground-breaking case on point… Read More

Privacy v Public Justice – Transgender Claimant Wins Anonymity Order

It is a fundamental feature of any free society that justice must be done in public, but how does that principle sit with the right of individuals not to have sensitive details of their private… Read More

Family Judge’s Overheard Comments on Zoom Gave Appearance of Bias

Remote hearings via Zoom, Skype and other communications software have made it possible for the family justice system to continue functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as a Court of… Read More

Judge Right to Bow Out in Arbitrator’s Favour in £93 Million Property Dispute

There is a powerful public interest in parties to contracts having the freedom to agree how any disputes between them should be resolved. That principle underpinned the Court of Appeal’s ruling that… Read More

Disclosing Confidential Documents – Court Guidance in Debt Recovery Case

Proving a case often requires commercially sensitive documents to be placed before a judge in a public court. In the context of a debt recovery action, the Court of Appeal gave guidance on where the… Read More

Repair or Replacement? Tribunal Gives Guidance in Corporation Tax Dispute

Repairing an asset is one thing, replacing it another, and distinguishing between the two is of critical importance when it comes to calculating Corporation Tax (CT) liabilities. The First-tier… Read More

Ad Hoc Payment of Employment Bonuses Can Be a Recipe for Dispute

Employment bonuses are often paid on an open-handed ad hoc basis without regard to formality. As an employment case strikingly showed, however, such arrangements tend to create high expectations… Read More

Holidaymaker Who Tripped Over Sun Lounger Wins Substantial Damages

Holidaymakers who suffer accidents abroad can face an uphill struggle to obtain just compensation, but specialist English lawyers are happily well equipped to rise to the challenge. In one case, a… Read More

COVID-19 and Parental Contact With Children in Care – Guideline Ruling

How, if at all, is the duty of local authorities to allow children in their care reasonable contact with their parents affected by social distancing rules arising from the COVID-19 pandemic? The… Read More

Proceeds of Crime – Identity Thief Stripped of Cash and Swiss Watches

Identity theft is a blight on society and very far from being a victimless crime. As a High Court case showed, perpetrators can expect to be pursued by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and… Read More

Council Awarded Seven-Figure Damages for Flaws in Tram Depot Design

Disputes concerning major construction projects can simmer on for years after they are completed and one of the great advantages of litigation is that it offers finality. In one case, the High Court… Read More

Confidential Data Leaked to a Competitor? Consult a Lawyer Today!

Technical data and know-how are the crown jewels of many businesses but there is an ever present risk of them being leaked to competitors by disloyal employees. As a High Court case showed, however… Read More

‘Remarkable’ Young Girl Receives £16.79 Million NHS Compensation Package

Victims of clinical negligence, many of them highly vulnerable or very young, often show extraordinary courage in conquering their disabilities. That was certainly so in the case of a remarkable… Read More

Human Rights Require That Tough Immigration Rules Are Tinged with Mercy

British immigration rules are amongst the toughest in the world, but every case must be considered on its own facts and human rights legislation leaves room for mercy. A striking case on point… Read More

Never Personally Guarantee Corporate Debts Without Professional Advice

Personally guaranteeing repayment of a company’s debts should not be undertaken lightly or without professional advice as it effectively removes you from the shelter of the corporate veil. In a case… Read More

Let Down By Your Builder? You Should Consult a Solicitor Without Delay

Home renovations are a notoriously frequent source of dispute and, if you feel that you have been let down by a builder, you should consult a solicitor straight away. In a case on point, a… Read More

An Assertive Management Style Is One Thing, Harassment Quite Another

A firm management style is all well and good, but where it descends into harassment the financial and reputational consequences can be severe. In an employment case on point, a professional firm was… Read More

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