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Unfair Advantage Being Taken of Your Trade Mark? Don’t Put Up With It!

If you have spent time and money building up public recognition of your trade mark, you do not have to just stand by and watch others taking unfair advantage of your investment. In a case on point… Read More

Giving With Warm Hands to Minimise Inheritance Tax – High Court Ruling

The most straightforward means of minimising Inheritance Tax (IHT) payable on your estate is to give away your assets with warm hands when you are still hale and hearty. However, such gifts will… Read More

Tempted By an Exotic Investment Scheme? Is It Too Good to Be True?

It is easy to be tempted by exotic investment schemes that promise spectacular returns. However, as a High Court case strikingly showed, they are often too good to be true and it is always wise to… Read More

Financier Dragged Over Coals for Breaching His Employment Contract

Those who play fast and loose with the contractual obligations they owe to their employers can expect severe consequences. That was certainly so in the case of a highly paid financier who resigned… Read More

Birthing Pool Tragedy Boy Wins Right to Substantial NHS Compensation

Prior to any form of medical procedure, patients have an absolute right to be told of the risks involved so that they can make their own fully informed choices. The High Court made that point in… Read More

Children’s Wishes and Feelings Prevail in Bitter Paternity Dispute

In the throes of family breakdown, parents often focus on their own personal battles – but it is the best interests of their children that are always uppermost in family judges’ minds. In a case on… Read More

Supporting Disabled Employees to Work Efficiently – Guideline Ruling

Employers must provide all the equipment needed to help disabled workers perform as efficiently as possible, and failing to do so can by itself amount to discrimination. A case on point concerned an… Read More

Owed Money? Consult a Solicitor to Avoid Going to the Back of the Queue!

If you are owed money, any delay in taking professional advice can have the serious consequence of pushing you to the back of a queue of creditors. The crucial role that timing and priorities play… Read More

Judge Produces Order From Chaos in Upholding Road Accident Victim’s Claim

Reconstructing road accidents which involve multiple vehicles and individuals, all of them coming together in complex sequences of events lasting seconds, poses an enormous challenge. In… Read More

Primary School Pays Dearly for Violating Down’s Syndrome Pupil’s Rights

As a primary school discovered to its cost in an unusual High Court case, firing off letters or other communications without first considering the data protection and human rights implications can… Read More

Enforcing Adjudication Awards – Building Contractor Wins Over £1 Million

Contract adjudications are generally a swift and cost-effective means of resolving disputes and, as a High Court ruling showed, they have the added advantage that judges will usually back… Read More

Disinherited Daughter’s Bid for a Share of her Father’s Estate Rejected

If someone upon whom you depend financially dies leaving you nothing in his or her will, judges have the power to ensure that you do not go empty-handed. As a High Court case showed, however, that… Read More

Court Steps In to Break Warring Brothers’ Deadlock Over Family Company

Many successful entrepreneurs harbour hopes of their businesses being continued by their children after they are gone – but there is sadly no guarantee that they will get on. In a case on point, the… Read More

Whistleblowing Protection Requires More than Mere Finger-Pointing

It is a popular misconception that workplace whistleblowing protection is available to anyone who points a finger of accusation. As an Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) ruling underlined, making… Read More

Harmed by Agents of the State? The Law Will See You Properly Compensated

The law has a very long memory and will ensure that victims of misconduct by state agents are properly compensated, however long it takes. In a striking case on point, the High Court awarded… Read More

Are Parents Obliged to Control Unruly Children? High Court Test Case

To say that parents bear a moral responsibility to ensure that their children behave themselves in public is uncontroversial – but are they also under a legal duty to do so? The High Court addressed… Read More

‘Working Relationships Investigation’ Breached NHS Consultant’s Contract

Employers are of course entitled – even obliged – to inquire into alleged misconduct by members of their staff. However, as a High Court case concerning a suspended NHS consultant surgeon showed… Read More

Road Accidents Involving Unlawfully Taken Vehicles – Guideline Ruling

Those who allow themselves to be driven in unlawfully taken vehicles put their lives in jeopardy and are unlikely to be covered by insurance in the event of a crash. A guideline High Court case on… Read More

High-Profile Homeowners Can Divert Footpath Away from their Garden

Ramblers love footpaths, but the same cannot be said for landowners concerned to protect their privacy and security. That was certainly so in one case in which homeowners with a high media profile… Read More

Worker or Independent Contractor? European Court of Justice Guidance

The vexed distinction between ‘workers’ and ‘independent contractors’ could hardly be more important for many businesses but remains perennially controversial. An important ruling of the Court of… Read More

Guidance on LPAs Published for COVID-19 Crisis

The Office of the Public Guardian has released guidance about making and registering a lasting power of attorney (LPA) during the coronavirus pandemic. The comprehensive guidance on the GOV.UK… Read More

What Does ‘Dishonesty’ Mean in Law? Landmark Court of Appeal Ruling

What exactly does ‘dishonesty’ mean in law? A Court of Appeal ruling in the case of a luxury nursing home owner who made millions from exploiting vulnerable residents has finally answered that… Read More

Victims of Sexual Abuse Should Not Put Off Consulting a Solicitor

Victims of sexual abuse are very often entitled to substantial compensation, but any delay in seeking legal advice can prove fatal to such claims. In one case, the High Court ruled that, more than… Read More

Slot Machines Test Case Delivers Important Tax Victory for Gambling Industry

The European legal concept of fiscal neutrality is all about ensuring that taxation and government spending do not create bumps in level competitive playing fields. That principle was very much to… Read More

Facing an Employment Complaint? Playing the Ostrich Is the Worst Option!

If you are on the receiving end of an employment complaint, burying your head in the sand is positively the worst thing you can do. The point was made by the case of a training company which came to… Read More

COVID-19 – Court of Appeal Rules on Status of Furloughed Employees

Many companies have entered administration in response to the COVID-19 crisis but have retained furloughed employees in the hope that they will emerge from lockdown to a brighter future. In a case… Read More

COVID-19 Crisis – Overstaying Patient Ordered to Give Up Hospital Bed

Every hospital bed is desperately needed in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. That stark fact prompted a judge to take the extremely rare step of ordering a patient to leave an NHS ward despite her… Read More

Pre-Nuptial Agreements Signed Without Legal Advice are Often Worthless

English judges increasingly recognise the validity of pre-nuptial agreements. As a High Court ruling showed, however, they are far more likely to be considered not worth the paper they are written… Read More

Pedestrian Hit By Fire Engine Wins Right to Substantial Compensation

Emergency vehicles have to move fast in order to save lives, but their drivers are not immune from the rules of the road and have to be as careful as any other motorist. In a case on point, a young… Read More

Man Locked Out of Flat After His Partner Dies Intestate

If you die without making a will, there is a real risk that your loved ones may be left high and dry. In one case, a man who said that he was grieving over his partner’s death found himself bereft… Read More

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