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Exports of cultural treasures


The arrival in Britain of a £10 million painting attributed to Medieval Italian master Giotto di Bondone provided an opportunity for the Court of Appeal to give comprehensive guidance on the legal… Read More

COVID-19 Pandemic Delays Court Approval of Insurance Business Transfer

It cannot be business as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic, but judges are rising to the challenge of ensuring that the economic life of the nation does not wither. In one case, however, the High… Read More

Eminent Retired Judge’s Intellect Weighs in Favour of His Will’s Validity

Even people of the greatest intellect can become mentally frail in old age and that is one good reason why it makes sense to execute a professionally drafted will sooner rather than later. A case on… Read More

Salesmen Pay Price for Breaching Former Employer’s Confidentiality

Even if your employment contract says nothing about respecting the confidentiality of your employer’s trade secrets, you may still be under an implied legal duty to do so. Two salesman who were… Read More

Has a Bureaucratic Delay Caused You Loss? See a Lawyer Today!

Government bureaucratic delays are sadly a well-known fact of life, but can they give rise to a right to compensation? The Court of Appeal tackled that fundamental issue in the case of an immigrant… Read More

Unprecedented Powers Introduced Under New Coronavirus Act

A new Act giving the UK Government additional powers to tackle the coronavirus emergency has passed into law after being approved by the House of Lords. The Act took just three day to pass through… Read More

Injured at Work? An Expert Lawyer Will See You Justly Compensated!

Accidents at work can have dreadful consequences and, if the worst happens, you should seek legal advice straight away. A delivery driver who did just that after he tripped and fell from his… Read More

Trapped in a Controlling Relationship? The Law Will Help You!

Relationships are supposed to be between equals and, if you are being subjected to coercion or control by your partner, the criminal law will come to your aid. In a case on point, the Court of… Read More

Coronavirus lockdown


Our office is currently closed to visitors because of the Coronavirus restrictions. We are continuing to work remotely. Essential post such as documents required for property transactions will be… Read More

Businessman Fends Off Bank’s £6.9 Million Loan Guarantee Claim

Any lawyer will tell you that success in litigation depends on getting your evidence in order, but it is amazing how often a failure to do so proves fatal. A bank found that out to its cost after… Read More

Office Assistant Sacked for Whistleblowing Receives Compensation

What may appear to be a dismissal on grounds of redundancy can, on analysis, turn out to be something quite different. In one case, an office assistant was awarded compensation after an Employment… Read More

Acas Releases Updated Coronavirus Guidance for Employers

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has issued updated coronavirus guidance for employers and employees, in line with the latest government measures regarding the outbreak. The… Read More

Restraining Orders Must Be Necessary to Be Lawful, Court of Appeal Rules

Restraining orders are an essential means by which innocent people are protected against harassment or fear of violence. However, they impinge on the freedom of those against whom they are made and… Read More

Statutory Sick Pay Changes Announced in Budget Response to Coronavirus

A series of measures intended to limit the economic impact of coronavirus in the UK have been announced by Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in his Budget statement. The measures include… Read More

Coronavirus guidance issued for employers

With headlines continuing to be dominated by the global spread of coronavirus, new guidance has been released by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) to set out the steps that… Read More

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