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Is food beyond its ‘use by’ date unsafe?

Food shopping

Must food that is beyond its ‘use by’ date always be considered unsafe as a matter of law? Or is that merely a presumption that can be displaced by expert evidence? That fundamental issue was raised… Read More

Employee or independent contractor?


Self-employed people enjoy certain tax benefits and often place a high value on their independence. However, an instructive Employment Tribunal (ET) decision in the context of the building industry… Read More

‘One House Only’ covenant triggers dispute

Georgian house

In an era of ever-increasing demand for new homes, large domestic gardens present a clear opportunity for so-called ‘infill’ development. As one case strikingly showed, however, such projects can be… Read More

Retail Prices Index still very much alive


The venerable Retail Prices Index (RPI) has its roots in the 1940s and is nowadays widely considered to be a flawed and unreliable measure of inflation. However, in a ruling of importance to… Read More

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