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Workplace whistleblowing policy extended


Can the reason for an employee's dismissal ever be other than that given in good faith by the decision-maker appointed by the employer? The Supreme Court has answered that question in a case… Read More

Google fends off ‘right to be forgotten’ claim

Data security 3

The right to privacy is increasingly powerful, but basic fairness demands that those who wish to litigate must at least be willing to disclose their names and addresses. The High Court made the… Read More

Clampdown on fraudulent holidays claims

Passport (3)

Fraudulent compensation claims are a blight on the legal system and undermine the position of those who have been genuinely harmed. However, an important Court of Appeal decision provided those on… Read More

Cyclist injured by driver is compensated

Bicycle crash

Cycling is an activity enjoyed by many, but it is not risk free and, in the event of accidents, lawyers ensure that victims are fairly compensated. In one case, a pensioner who was knocked off his… Read More

Professor compensated for his invention


Creative people who are ‘employed to invent’ have historically enjoyed few rights to the financial fruits of their labour. However, in a landmark ruling that signals a significant change to that… Read More

Stable worker injured by horse compensated


If you are injured at work due to your employer’s failure to keep you reasonably safe, you should seek legal advice straight away. A livery stables worker who did just that after she was injured by… Read More

Injured road accident victim compensated

Car Accident

When doubts persist as to where blame for an accident lies, obtaining compensation in full for those who are injured can be an almost impossible task. However, specialist personal injury lawyers are… Read More

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