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What is a protected philosophical belief?

Contract Drafting

Employees who suffer discrimination due to their philosophical beliefs are entitled to compensation – but how are such beliefs defined? The Court of Appeal tackled that issue in the case of a woman… Read More

Authorship is much more than just writing


The authorship of a book, play or script involves much more than just the physical act of writing. The Court of Appeal made that point in the case of a woman who claimed to have inspired the… Read More

Put your affairs in order before it's too late!

Will writing

Failing to put your affairs in order in your declining years is an invitation to conflict and needless expense after you are gone. Exactly that happened in the case of a pensioner who was still… Read More

Family of accident victim awarded damages

Hard hat

No amount of money can ever fully compensate for the loss of a loved one in an avoidable accident, but it can at least soften the financial blow. In one case, the bereaved widow and children of a… Read More

Annexe or extension? Church receives rebate

Church Pews

The difference between an extension and an annexe to an existing building may appear slight, but it can have crucial tax implications for charities. The issue was raised by a case in which a church… Read More

Not every commercial ‘agreement’ is binding

Signing Contract

Just because a document is headed ‘agreement’, or with some other word implying that an accord has been reached, does not necessarily mean that those who sign it intend to create a binding contract… Read More

Don’t let family strife spill over into your will


Family strife is commonplace but giving vent to bad feeling in your will can condemn your loved ones to continuing conflict after you are gone. Exactly that happened in one case in which a pensioner… Read More

Is a printed name in an email a ‘signature’?


Can a printed name at the bottom of an email be equivalent to a signature in law? In a case that broke new legal ground, a judge has answered that burning question in the affirmative. A couple had… Read More

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