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Utility fined £2 Million for polluting stream

Rural stream

Those who take a reckless approach to environmental protection rules can expect to be hit hard in the pocket. In a case on point, a utilities company which allowed raw sewage to flow into a rural… Read More

Engineers pay £800,000 for negligent bridge design

Suspension bridge

Major infrastructure projects commonly involve long contractual chains and, with so many professionals and building firms involved, discerning where responsibility lies for defects can be a serious… Read More

Zero-hours contract teacher wins test case


Where workers are employed on permanent contracts but work for only part of the year, how should their holiday pay be calculated? The Court of Appeal addressed that burning issue in a test case… Read More

Marketing hyperbole - or misrepresentation?!


There is nothing wrong with businesses painting themselves in a glowing light, but if marketing hyperbole strays into the realms of fraud the law takes a very dim view. In a case on point, the High… Read More

Reputational harm by internet defamation?


Defamatory statements on the internet are viewed worldwide, so where has the reputational harm they cause has arisen? The High Court tackled that in a libel case brought by a man who claimed to be… Read More

Partially to blame for your accident Injuries?


If you have been injured in a road accident that was partly your own fault you should not be discouraged from contacting solicitors. In a case on point, a motorcyclist who was racing at more than… Read More

Even illegal workers have employment rights

Passport (3)

Can foreign nationals who work illegally in this country rely on their employment contracts in bringing proceedings before an Employment Tribunal (ET)? The Court of Appeal seems to signal a judicial… Read More

'Who died first?' resolved in tragic dispute

Elderly (2)

Inheritance disputes take many forms, but few can have been as tragic as that concerning a couple who were found dead from hypothermia in circumstances causing a disagreement between their children… Read More

Rest breaks victory will cost the NHS millions


In a ground-breaking decision which will cost the NHS many millions of pounds, the Court of Appeal has ruled that a hospital trust failed to properly monitor a group of junior doctors’ working… Read More

Guarding against money laundering risks

Money laundering

Distinguishing between legitimate clients and money launderers is a major on-going challenge for many businesses but, as this High Court case proves, they ultimately bear legal responsibility for… Read More

Yacht captain can pursue dismissal claim

Unfair dismissal

The limited territorial reach of English Employment Tribunals (ETs) can pose difficulties to those who lead globe-trotting working lives. However, the former captain of a superyacht which moved from… Read More

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