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Cash in hand? Are you sacrificing your rights?

Money notes

Employees who engage in tax evasion may put more money in their pockets – but only at the price of sacrificing their employment rights. An installation engineer found that out after accepting cash… Read More

Can't get a mortgage? Seek advice!

Keys (2)

Raising mortgage finance to buy a home can be challenging for those who do not enjoy high earnings. However, the risks involved in overcoming that difficulty by putting someone else’s name on the… Read More

Company fined following near fatal accident

Machinery switch

Employers who fail to take comprehensive steps to protect the health and safety of their workforce can expect severe punishment. In one case, a building supplies company was fined more than a year’s… Read More

Non-party litigation funding carries high risk

Money down the drain

Giving financial assistance to a cause close to your heart or a loved one embroiled in litigation may be viewed as a selfless act. However, as a High Court case showed, such generosity can have… Read More

Making a will? Consult a lawyer first!

Will writing

The formalities that must be met when making a will are very strict and failing to adhere to them to the letter can result in your wishes being frustrated after your death. That is exactly what… Read More

‘Free’ wine only ‘free’ in the marketing sense

Wine & Bottle

Many marketing campaigns offer ‘free’ goods to customers. A tax tribunal’s decision has, however, established the truth of the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or for that matter… Read More

Are oral job offers binding?

Handshake 3

Those intent on changing jobs can have their heads turned by offers of remuneration and benefits made over lunch and a handshake. However, as one case showed, it is written terms of engagement that… Read More

Don't ignore the terms of your lease!


Many long leaseholders mistakenly believe that they have much the same rights as freeholders and can do pretty much what they like with their properties. As one case strikingly showed, however… Read More

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