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Avoid inheritance disputes - use a lawyer!


A man succeeded in refuting claims that he brought pressure to bear on an elderly friend before she made a will in his favour. However, he would have found that task a great deal easier had he… Read More

Discriminated police officer compensated


Even those whose medical conditions or incapacities are not so grave as to amount to disabilities can win compensation if they suffer discrimination in the workplace. The Court of Appeal made that… Read More

Always get deals in writing!


One would have thought that sophisticated financial professionals engaged in high value deals would have the sense to get their agreements recorded in writing by a professional. However, that is… Read More

‘Fat finger syndrome' in confidentiality case

Laptop (2)

Every email user is aware of the risk that so-called ‘fat finger syndrome’ may result in a message being sent to the wrong address. The consequences can be more than just embarrassing, but a High… Read More

Court orders must be obeyed!

Contract drafting

The credibility of the justice system depends on court orders being obeyed and those who fail, or drag their feet, in doing so can expect punishment. In one case, a pensioner received a prison… Read More

Assets passed from parent to child are gifts


Where money or other assets pass from a parent to a child, the law presumes that they are gifts, unless it can be proved otherwise. That rule had a central part to play in an insolvency case… Read More

Making a homemade will? Think again!

Will writing

Making a will without professional advice is a positive invitation to dispute after you are gone. That was certainly so in the case of a vulnerable alcoholic who had a pint of beer in front of him… Read More

Overtime to be factored into holiday pay

Pound piles

Should voluntary overtime count as 'normal remuneration' when calculating a worker's statutory holiday pay entitlement for the four weeks' annual leave required under the EU Working Time Directive… Read More

Injured motorcycle courier compensated


Road accidents that occur can have grave consequences and that is why just compensation is so important. In this case, lawyers representing a young motorcycle courier who was struck down by a… Read More

Do you own your invention?


If employees come up with brilliant ideas, do they have intellectual property rights in them or are they the sole property of their employers? The High Court considered that burning issue in the… Read More

‘Bank of mum and dad’ impacts claim value

Credit card

In an era of apparently ever-increasing property prices, many young people rely on the so-called ‘bank of mum and dad’. In a ground-breaking decision, the High Court took that into account in… Read More

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