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Court untangles family trust to award ex-wife

Will writing

Family fortunes are commonly held in complicated trusts and that can give rise to difficulties in the event of divorce. However, a case in which an ex-wife received a seven-figure sum showed that… Read More

Administrative support assistant

Williamsons 2

    This innovative and progressive law firm has a vacancy at its busy Crewkerne office.  Position available is up to 5 days per week. We will consider applications from multiple candidates willing… Read More

Shared parental leave and maternity rights

New Parent

Is it directly or indirectly discriminatory that men are paid less when on shared parental leave than women on maternity leave? The Court of Appeal has answered that in the negative. Women are… Read More

Phone operators win unlawfully levied fees


No public authority in a civilised society can raise taxes, duties or other levies without lawful authority. That fundamental principle was rigorously applied by the High Court in ordering the… Read More

‘Fundamentally dishonest’ accident claim

Medical report

There are sadly those who view road accidents as an opportunity to mount dishonest compensation claims. However, as one case showed, developments in the law, combined with the motor insurance… Read More

Get professional advice!

Boardroom battle

Many business owners look forward to the day when they will be able to sell up for a fortune – but such hopes can come horribly unstuck without the right professional advice. The point was made by a… Read More

Nut allergy conviction quashed


In what circumstances should company directors be held criminally responsible for the gross negligence of their subordinates? That was the burning issue addressed by the Court of Appeal in a case… Read More

Allotment holders saved from eviction


Allotments are a much-loved feature of British life and their holders enjoy security of tenure and special protection against eviction. In a case on point, a gardener scored in an important High… Read More

Exposing negligence is important


For many victims of medical malpractice, exposing serious instances of negligence can be just as important as winning compensation. In a case on point, the High Court found that a doctor used… Read More

Garden hose design sparks patent dispute

Garden Hose

New inventions can transform entire industries but they almost inevitably give rise to patent disputes. A case on point concerned a revolutionary garden hose design that solved problems of storage… Read More

Engage an expert to represent you!

Health & Safety

Failing to engage an expert lawyer to present your Employment Tribunal (ET) claim is a false economy and can even result in your case being dismissed without a full hearing.That very nearly happened… Read More

Has your privacy been infringed?


If you feel that your private information has been misused, you may be entitled to compensation. A businessman who did just that after leaked details of a criminal investigation concerning him found… Read More

Mother compensated after stillbirth

Baby Delivery

Lawyers representing a young mother who suffered a pathological grief reaction following the stillbirth of her longed-for baby daughter have won her six-figure compensation after the NHS admitted… Read More

Data protection and the public interest

Data Security

The public interest in effectively fighting crime sometimes requires police forces to share personal details of offenders with those at risk of becoming their victims. As a High Court case showed… Read More

Alcohol at work festivities - what's the law?

Champagne (2)

Workplace social events are a time-honoured means of rewarding staff and boosting morale, but the presence of alcohol means that they are not without risk. The High Court’s ruling in the case of a… Read More

What is an ‘average consumer’?


What is an an 'average consumer’? That is a question regulators have to ask themselves in ensuring that the public is not subjected to misleading advertising. The High Court gave guidance on the… Read More

Patient compensated as 'didn't give consent'


Before undergoing surgery, patients have an absolute legal right to be fully informed of the risks involved and any alternative treatments that may be available. In a case on point, a patient who… Read More

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