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Fundraising in memory of Kev

Fundraising - Norminton

Williamsons are proud to be supporting Kelsey Norminton’s fundraising event at Merriott Social Club on Saturday 4 May from 11:00 until 16:00 in loving memory of her father, Kevin Norminton. There… Read More

Reputation smeared on the internet?


Professional people spend years establishing their reputations, but it is easy for them to be smeared in a few seconds on the Internet. However, a case in which a consultant dermatologist won libel… Read More

Landlords’ rights to access properties

Keys in Door

Most residential leases contain a standard covenant which requires tenants to give their landlords access to their homes for reasonable purposes, including repair and maintenance. As a matter of… Read More

Crewkerne family dog show success!


We were delighted to have supported the Crewkerne Lurcher, Terrier and Family Dog Show again this year. With our assistance and support from others the show raised an impressive £860 for St… Read More

Deafened musician’s compensation upheld


Arguments that a compensation award to a Royal Opera House (ROH) musician, whose hearing was damaged by exposure to the noise of instruments, will curtail music making have been rejected by the… Read More

Suffering the effects of asbestos exposure?


If you suspect that your health has been damaged by exposure to asbestos there are good reasons why you should contact a solicitor. In one case, an ex-scaffolder’s decision to take legal advice… Read More

New 'Vento' bands


The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals in England & Wales and Scotland have issued a joint Second Addendum, updating earlier Presidential Guidance issued on 5 September 2017, announcing the… Read More

High Court enforces non-compete clause

RCJ (5)

Validly restricting the post-termination conduct of employees and partners involves striking a careful balance between business protection and personal freedom, and that is why professional drafting… Read More

Patents - inventions must be innovative!

Medicine (2)

Patents are designed to encourage innovation and are effectively state-sponsored bargains which confer time-limited monopoly rights on inventors. A Supreme Court ruling made clear, however, that… Read More

Employment Tribunal's territorial reach tested

Employment (2)

The territorial reach of UK Employment Tribunals (ETs) is not without limit and the overseas presence of many British businesses can give rise to difficult jurisdictional issues. A recent case… Read More

Beneficial ownership is hard to prove!

Contract drafting

When the real owner of an asset is different from its formal owner, that fact should always be recorded in writing. However, as a High Court case showed, repeated judicial warnings to that effect… Read More

Manufacturer hit hard after disease outbreak


Money spent on ensuring that health and safety rules are religiously met is money well spent. The point was resoundingly proved by a case in which a car parts manufacturer’s failings led to… Read More

Judgments obtained by fraud to be set aside


It is sadly not unheard of for judges to have the wool pulled over their eyes and it is only right that judgments obtained by fraud should be set aside. The Supreme Court made that point in a… Read More

ACAS suffers setback in dispute

Employment word cloud

Few would fail to appreciate the irony of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) being embroiled in a dispute with a trade union representing its own employees. However, the… Read More

Increases in National Minimum Wage rates

Cash Roll

Employers are reminded that new National Living Wage (NLW) and National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates apply from 1 April 2019. These are as follows: • The NLW, which applies to those aged 25 and over… Read More

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