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Unfairly treated as a minority shareholder?

Investment 2

Minority shareholders do not have much control over companies that they partially own, but they are not without rights. In a case on point, the High Court came to the aid of an investor who did not… Read More

Worker’s claim broke golden rule of litigation

Security Officer

One of the golden rules of litigation is that issues to be resolved must be established at the outset. That did not happen in an employment case in which a worker who claimed to be a victim of… Read More

Damages for delay in uncompleted contracts


Many contracts make provision for the payment of liquidated damages in the event of delays in completion of works – but what if those works are never finished? The Court of Appeal considered that… Read More

Making a will requires freedom of choice


Making a valid will involves a free exercise of choice by someone who understands the effect of the bequests they are making. A judge emphasised those points in finding that a mother’s independent… Read More

Court steps in to save troubled football club

Football stadium

Judges dealing with insolvency cases have tools that can be used to get the best outcome for creditors. Here the High Court engaged its power to appoint a receiver by way of equitable execution to… Read More

TV's Lorraine Kelly overturns income tax bill

Income Tax

Media personalities frequently offer their services through corporate vehicles and the tax implications of them doing so have long been controversial. However, in one case, Lorraine Kelly's company… Read More

Transferring money to your children?

Money notes

Parents who transfer money to their children should always take legal advice if they wish to ensure that their generosity does not end up benefiting others. The point was strikingly made by the case… Read More

Employers’ views on misconduct are decisive

Fire alarm

Employment Tribunals (ETs) are not entitled to substitute their own view of the gravity of an employee’s misconduct for that of a reasonable employer. In one case, however, an ET fell into that trap… Read More

IT company awarded for client's breach

Signing Contract

When contractual relationships break down, there is often a dispute over which side committed a repudiatory breach thus entitling the other to terminate the contract and claim damages. The High… Read More

Poorly drafted covenants get picked apart!

Contract Drafting

The balance to be struck between the protection of legitimate business interests and the right of employees to make a living has never been easy to strike. In a case on point, the High Court picked… Read More

What exactly is a construction contract?


Where construction contracts make no specific provision as to how disputes are to be resolved, a statutory adjudication regime kicks in – but that begs the question of what exactly is a construction… Read More

Disabled man receives court blessing to wed

Married couple

It is a sad fact that those who suffer from mental disabilities may lack the legal capacity to get married or to make a will. However, in a decision which emphasised the right to personal autonomy… Read More

Government consults on new rules for NDAs

Data Security

Confidentiality clauses have a right and proper place in the employment context. They can be used primarily in two ways – either as part of an employment contract, where there is a need to protect… Read More

HMRC criticised for pursuit of homeless man

Timer (2)

Officialdom can sometimes be faceless, but the law is always there to ensure that individual circumstances are taken into account. In an example of that happening, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) was… Read More

Varying partnership agreements by conduct?


Partnership agreements commonly set out the percentage of profits and losses to be respectively enjoyed and borne by each partner. Such terms can subsequently be varied by conduct but, as a High… Read More

Tenant compensated after ceiling collapses


Relatively minor injuries that have catastrophic consequences can pose particular difficulties for just compensation. However, a case in which a man won over £1.8 million in damages after the… Read More

Defective premises and landlords’ duties


In a guideline decision which underlined the duty of landlords to ensure that their tenants are not placed in danger by defective premises, the Court of Appeal has ruled a local authority liable to… Read More

Working Time Regulations 1998 guidance


The Court of Appeal has given important guidance on the correct interpretation of the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR) in ruling that a railway signalman’s rights were not breached by his… Read More

Get advice before transferring large sums!

Credit card

Even experienced investors can sometimes be naïve and that is one reason why it is vital to obtain independent advice before entrusting large sums of money to others. In this case, a judge had to… Read More

Solvent company faces winding up petition


The trouble with companies having only one director is that, if he or she falls ill or is otherwise incapacitated, management can suffer severely. In one case, the High Court had to come to the aid… Read More

Being harassed by an ex-employee online?

Apps on phone

Ex-employees who have left in acrimonious circumstances can bear grudges, and social media gives them the opportunity to make a pest of themselves. As a High Court case showed, however, lawyers are… Read More

Estate agent’s right to commission upheld

For sale

When deciding whether an enforceable contract has come into existence, the first question to be answered is whether the parties intended to be bound. The Supreme Court made that point in upholding… Read More

Test error triggers ‘wrongful birth’ ruling

Blood test

Proving negligence and that someone has suffered injury, loss or damage can be tricky, but the real challenge often lies in establishing the causal link between the two. The Court of Appeal… Read More

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