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‘Back of an envelope’ contract fails

Envelope & Pen

Business dealings that are based on oral contracts are built on sand. The point was proved by a High Court case in which a high-value deal was alleged to have been struck during a chat in a… Read More

Guidance for Tribunal users


The Government has published guidance explaining the powers available to Employment Tribunals – their use and their application – based on feedback from users of the service. The feedback received… Read More

Informer fails in breach of contract claim

Police officer

Those who claim the benefit of contracts must first prove their existence. In a novel case, a gangland informant failed to convince the High Court that the police had reneged on a binding agreement… Read More

Watches importer sees off design challenge

Heart rate monitor

Decisions as to whether a product infringes registered design rights frequently come down to matters of general impression. That was certainly so in a Court of Appeal case concerning heart rate… Read More

Agents and secret commissions ruling

Money notes

Agents who arrange to receive secret commissions on client introductions usually only have themselves to blame if judges refuse to enforce payment. However, the Court of Appeal has ruled that a… Read More

Glass houses can’t expect perfect privacy

Glass apartments

Heavily glazed high-rise properties are considered highly desirable by many because of the panoramic views that they afford. However, the High Court has ruled in a case of great interest to property… Read More

Representing yourself in a planning appeal?

RCJ (5)

The legal system is replete with strict time limits which add to the hazards faced by those who choose to represent themselves. A landowner found that out to his cost after a series of unfortunate… Read More

Tower’s defective glazing panels in dispute

Glass Tower

Iconic glass-clad tower blocks are sprouting all over the UK, but their construction is replete with technical challenges and, if things procedures are not carried out correctly, the financial… Read More

Documents should be professionally drafted!

Pen (Black)

The huge disadvantage of self-drafting legal documents without professional advice is that their validity, effect, and even their genuineness, can subsequently be very difficult to prove. A widow… Read More

Facing insolvency after losing a client?


Loss of major clients is a common cause of corporate insolvency, but a link between the two events can be hard to prove. That challenge was faced by a cable installation company that was already… Read More

Overalls to blame for asbestos-related death


The effects of asbestos exposure in the workplace can be devastating, not only for employees but also for their loved ones and anyone else with whom they come into contact. In a case on point, John… Read More

Delayed passengers’ compensation rights

Airport Information

Air passengers whose flights are delayed by over three hours generally have a right to compensation but what happens if the cause of the delay is an air traffic control (ATC) decision? What should… Read More

Competition in the estate agency market

Keys in hand

Fair competition is the lifeblood of any economy and judges are alert to prevent the smothering of business rivalries and to safeguard healthy markets. A case on point concerned a company which… Read More

Code of practice to prevent illegal working

Employment word cloud

Following changes introduced by the Immigration (Restrictions on Employment) (Code of Practice and Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2018, the Home Office has issued a revised 'Code of practice on… Read More

Judge honours negligence victim’s wishes

RCJ (3)

Accident and clinical negligence victims often receive large sums in compensation to pay for their long-term care – but what happens if money remains in the pot when they die? The High Court… Read More

Credit card debts – how long to sue?

Credit cards

Credit card companies are subject to a six-year time limit in launching proceedings against defaulters, but when exactly does that period begin to run? The Court of Appeal has answered that question… Read More

On the ball with Crewkerne Rugby Club !


Williamsons are proud to be a premier sponsor of Crewkerne Rugby Club. In addition to the main sponsorship this year, we agreed to donate the club’s match balls for the current season.  Director… Read More

Is a nursery a ‘school’ in planning terms?


Is a children’s nursery a school? The High Court has ruled in a guideline case that, at least in the planning context, the answer to that question is no. The operator of a nursery installed two… Read More

Supermarket workers triumph in pay dispute

Money Notes

Women and men who do comparable jobs for the same employer have for decades now been entitled to equal pay – but the basis on which such comparisons can be made has always been a perennial subject… Read More

Don't stop me snow !


  First of the month - 'White Rabbits!'. White everything in fact but we are here, we're open - it's business as usual (well near enough) ☃️       Read More

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