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Dog walker was victim of internet troll

Keyboard - Woman

Some social media users persist in the belief that they can hide behind anonymity and publish false and wounding accusations online with complete impunity. The falsity of such assumptions was… Read More

Protection for new parents returning to work

New Parent

The Government has published a consultation paper on its plans to enhance protection from redundancy for pregnant women and new parents returning to work. This follows a recommendation in the 2017… Read More

Solicitors aid dyslexic student in tax dispute


Solicitors help people establish all sorts of rights and their services are not restricted to the well-heeled. In an example, lawyers won a point of principle on behalf of a dyslexic student seeking… Read More

Get solicitors to draft and store your will!

Key bundle

Engaging solicitors to both draft your will and store it safely until it is needed really is the only sensible course to take. Unfortunately in a case where such wisdom did not prevail, the High… Read More

Live-in carer developed employment status

Elderly care

As relationships and working arrangements change, self-employment can morph into an employment status over time. That happened in the case of a live-in agency carer who worked 12 hours a day for the… Read More

Judges refuse pointless bankruptcy orders


Bankruptcy orders are discretionary and judges will not make them if they serve no useful purpose. The High Court made that point in overturning one such order that had been issued against an all… Read More

Vegan brownies are ‘cakes’ and zero-rated


In an increasingly health-conscious world, eating habits have changed dramatically and the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) took that into account in ruling that an egg, dairy and gluten-free brownie… Read More

Employment contracts need professionals!

Hands tied

Non-solicitation and non-compete covenants in employment contracts impinge on workers’ personal freedoms and, as a High Court case showed, examples that are unclear or too broad in their effect are… Read More

Director fends off personal tax demands

Tax calculation

Where a company defaults in meeting its tax obligations, its directors may in certain circumstances be held personally liable. However, as an instructive decision of the First-tier Tribunal (FTT)… Read More

Daughter refused bigger share of estate

Cash piles

Those who fail to make reasonable provision for their dependants in their wills can have their wishes overridden by judges after they are gone. However, in one case, a woman failed to increase her… Read More

Byways and green lanes are open to all

Green Lane

Byways and green lanes are part of the English countryside, but walkers, equestrians and cyclists do not always live with off-road vehicles that are also entitled to use them. However, as a High… Read More

Jaguar Land Rover's trademark bid blocked

Land Rover

The careful scrutiny given to trade mark applications applies to multinationals with just the same rigour as it does to modest businesses. In a High Court case on point, a small company successfully… Read More

Is your confidential information at risk?

Data Security 3

Confidential information is the very lifeblood of many businesses and, if it is removed without authority by untrustworthy employees, it can be very hard to retrieve. As one case showed, however… Read More

Elderly at risk of exploitation

Undue influence (crop)

Elderly people who depend on others for companionship and care are vulnerable to exploitation, which is why it is so vital that they have access to independent legal advice. In a case on point, a… Read More

Appointing executors

Probate crop

Appointing loved ones as executors of your will may seem the natural thing to do, but there are good reasons why it is sometimes wise to think about also involving professionals. Two sisters fell… Read More

Compensation figure kept from victim


Vulnerable accident victims are sometimes very poor at managing money and that can leave them open to exploitation by others. The High Court made that point in granting a novel order that a road… Read More

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