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Ordeal by innocence

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  “This is a curious case.  We do not recall that we have ever seen a situation before where an employee has been dismissed not for the alleged misconduct which gave rise to the disciplinary… Read More

Kleptomania not 'disability'


Mental or physical conditions that give rise to a tendency to commit various criminal acts are excluded from the protection that normally applies to disabilities under the Equality Act 2010. An… Read More

Making a will? Identify your beneficiaries!


One very good reason why you should sign an up-to-date and professionally drafted will is to ensure that your chosen beneficiaries are accurately identified. A High Court case on point concerned… Read More

Unfairly dismissed bus driver is compensated

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When it comes to workplace disciplinary proceedings, strict following of rules is no replacement for common sense. In a case where the latter was lacking, a bus driver who was sacked after failing a… Read More

Williamsons assist shot at goal

Crewkerne Rangers - Hamper

Crewkerne Rangers FC organised a pub quiz and raffle fundraising event at the White Horse in Haselbury Plucknett on Sunday 11 November to raise funds for the youth team. The money will go towards… Read More

‘Pensionable earnings' clarified in test case


If an employee chooses to go the extra mile and works outside normal office hours, does the additional income received form part of his or her pensionable earnings? The Court of Appeal analysed that… Read More

Boundary dispute? Get legal advice!

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Boundary disputes between neighbours have a habit of getting out of hand, but legal advice, taken at an early stage, can ultimately save a great deal of anguish and expense. In a case on point, a… Read More

Personally guaranteeing a business loan?


Signing personal guarantees in respect of loans made to your thriving business may seem virtually risk free. However, as a High Court case showed, times can sadly change and that is why legal advice… Read More

Suspension lifted on trains contract

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When the outcomes of public contract tendering exercises are challenged, the award of contracts is automatically suspended in order to hold the ring. As a High Court case concerning a… Read More

Sleeping time and national minimum wage


In a guideline ruling, the Court of Appeal recently found that two care workers were not entitled to be paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for time when they were asleep during sleep-in shifts… Read More

Guidance on charities with similar names


If charities are too similarly named there is an obvious risk of confusion on the part of donors and others. In tackling one such issue a tribunal had to consider whether the words ‘Islamic’ and… Read More

Rest breaks in the railway industry


All workers are entitled to rest breaks, but special rules apply to railway employees whose work is linked to timetables and the overriding need to keep public services running. In an important case… Read More

Mother ruled a ‘primary victim’ of negligence

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In a ground-breaking case, a heartbroken mother who was left traumatised after her daughter was born gravely disabled as a result of hospital negligence has been awarded more than £75,000 in… Read More

Uber challenges ‘workers’ rights’ ruling


Online taxi operator Uber has challenged an Employment Tribunal (ET) ruling that thousands of drivers who rely on its app for their livelihoods are ‘workers’ within the meaning of the Employment… Read More

Typhoon delays overturn payment penalty

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Everybody knows that tax has to be paid on time and that financial penalties will follow if deadlines are missed – however, there is such a thing as a reasonable excuse. In a case exactly on point… Read More

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