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Employers are not expected to be omniscient


Employers are under a duty to keep their staff reasonably safe, but the law does not expect them to have perfect foresight of every eventuality. A judge made that point in dismissing a compensation… Read More

New wills and probate recruit !


Here at Williamsons we’re delighted to welcome aboard Robert Bracher who has joined us recently Robert has many years of experience in dealing with wills, probate and estate… Read More

Hospital worker’s phobia posed dilemma


Making reasonable adjustments to cater for employees’ disabilities can be tricky and few employers can have experienced more of a challenge than an NHS trust faced by a hospital worker’s severe… Read More

Morrisons vicariously liable for breaches

Data Security

In a decision that should make every employer sit up and take notice, the Court of Appeal has ruled Morrisons are indirectly liable for the misdeeds of an errant employee who leaked its payroll data… Read More

Lasting powers of attorney instructions ruling


Those who take the wise step of signing lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) are entitled to give instructions concerning their future medical treatment. But, as a guideline High Court ruling made… Read More

Unexplained wealth order confirmed

Money laundering

Unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) – the latest tool in the authorities’ armoury for use in tackling money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing – came under High Court scrutiny. The case… Read More

Formal tenancy agreements are important!

Handshake 3

Letting property to tenants on a handshake, without professional advice, is a recipe for trouble. That was certainly so in one High Court case, in which the absence of a professionally drafted… Read More

Government policy promises are binding


The Government is legally obliged to abide by its policy promises and cannot quietly drop them without public announcement. The Court of Appeal resoundingly made that point in ruling that a minister… Read More

Disabled boy compensated by NHS

Clinical Negligence (2)

Compensation awards to clinical negligence victims may sometimes appear eye-wateringly large – but, with the ever-increasing cost of professional care, they are never any more than is needed. That… Read More

Landmark tax ruling will save casinos millions

Roulette Spin

Can non-negotiable gambling chips (NGCs) that are given away to favoured punters by casinos be seen as money or money’s worth? By answering that question in the negative, the Court of Appeal saved… Read More

Making a will? Appoint professionals!

Will & Testament

Choosing independent professionals, rather than family members, as executors of your will can sometimes have advantages. A High Court ruling emphasised the point that they are required to be… Read More

Refusal to ice pro-gay cake was lawful


Bakery owners who refused to supply a cake bearing an iced message in support of gay marriage were entitled to follow their religious beliefs and were not guilty of any form of discrimination, the… Read More

Mosquito bite was a work injury


Many employers provide for benefits to be paid to workers who contract diseases or suffer injury in the course of their employment. The High Court analysed one such provision in the case of a senior… Read More

Part-time referees are not employees


In the tax and employment fields, the tricky distinction between employment and self-employment has proved immensely controversial. In a guideline case, however, the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) has… Read More

Uninsured drivers on private land


If people are injured by uninsured drivers on private land, are they entitled to compensation? In a landmark decision, the High Court has answered that question with a resounding yes. The case… Read More

Law Commission consults on employment law


The final report on the Civil Courts Structure Review, led by Briggs LJ and published in July 2016, identified problems with boundary issues between the courts and the Employment Tribunal system… Read More

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