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Essential advice to win an employment case


Busy courts and tribunals do not wait on your convenience and a failure to engage in proceedings can result in your claim being struck out without a hearing. Exactly that happened to one worker who… Read More

Job vacancy - office junior/trainee

Williamsons logo

      We have a vacancy for an office junior/trainee legal assistant.   Want to be part of a winning team? Do you aspire to excellence? Do you want to 'make it happen'? Join us...   Applicants… Read More

Legal advice is private, are there exceptions?


Clients can generally be confident that communications with their lawyers are strictly private and cannot later be used against them in court. However, as an employment case showed, such legal… Read More

Which motor insurer bears liability?

Car Accident

UK motor insurance policies cover the driver, not the vehicle, and disputes can arise if multiple insurers bear potential liability following an accident. In resolving one such disagreement, the… Read More

Suffering with a nuisance neighbour?

Noise Pollution

Flat dwellers have to live in close proximity to one another and that requires a certain amount of give and take. As one case illustrated, however, a good lawyer will see to it that you are… Read More

Respect your employer’s confidentiality!

Data Security

Those who fail to respect the confidentiality of their employer’s valuable information often believe that the consequences are limited and that it is financially worth their while. However, they may… Read More

When is it wise to cut your losses?


Everyone is entitled to seek justice from the courts, but perhaps the most crucial role played by professional litigators is to advise their clients when it is wise to settle and cut their losses… Read More

Don't rush the disciplinary process!


Workplace disciplinary proceedings are never pleasant and it is understandable that employers may wish to deal with them as swiftly as possible. However, in one case, an engineering company paid… Read More

Planning to disinherit a dependant?


If you fail to remember your dependants in your will, it is likely that a judge will intervene after your death to ensure they are reasonably provided for. Exactly that happened in one case in which… Read More

Dishonest businesses will be punished!

Telephone scam

Members of the public who are preyed upon by dishonest businesses have the comfort of knowing that those responsible face severe punishment. In one case on point, the fraudulent managing director of… Read More

Don't fail to comply with HMRC requests!

Tax Calculation

Those who fail to promptly and accurately answer requests from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for information about their tax affairs are at risk of penal sanctions. The Court of Appeal has, however… Read More

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