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Withdrawal of life-preserving treatment


Where medical professionals and loved ones are unanimous that it would not be in a gravely ill patient’s best interests to keep them alive by clinically assisted nutrition and hydration (CANH), they… Read More

ACAS advice for coping in high temperatures


On the whole, we are not accustomed in the UK to long periods of hot weather. When high temperatures do occur employers may not be prepared to deal with situations that arise as a result. The… Read More

Contracts – express terms matter!


The law requires that commercial contracts are interpreted on the basis of the words actually used. It is illegitimate to apply hindsight in order to achieve what might be viewed as a fair outcome… Read More

Buying a home abroad? Consult a lawyer!

For sale

Buying a home abroad can be a risky business and that is why it is wise to instruct a UK-based solicitor with expertise in the legal system of the country concerned to oversee the transaction. In… Read More

Victim of unlawful surveillance compensated


Official surveillance of private citizens is sometimes necessary. However it is always subject to tight legal restraints to guard against unwarranted invasions of privacy. In one recent case, a man… Read More

Can you be working when you’re asleep?


Many employees, particularly in the care industry, are required to sleep in overnight at or near their workplaces in order to provide assistance if needed – but are they entitled to receive the… Read More

Is dismissal without a right of appeal unfair?


It is very nearly always unfair to dismiss employees without affording them a right of appeal. The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) made that point in the case of a pizza restaurant employee who was… Read More

Suffering internet harassment?


Internet-based harassment is increasingly common, but the law is getting on top of the issue and does not hesitate to help victims. In one case, lawyers representing a woman who suffered several… Read More

Whistleblowing – information or allegation?


Workers who disclose information in the public interest are entitled to protection as whistleblowers – but what exactly qualifies as ‘information’ within the meaning of the Employment Rights Act… Read More

Facing disciplinary proceedings at work?

Psychiatric injury

If you are facing disciplinary proceedings at work, it is beneficial to contact a solicitor as soon as possible. The point was made by one case in which a judge came to the aid of a consultant… Read More

Japanese Knotweed property blight

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is a pernicious nuisance that blights property values. However, a landmark Court of Appeal ruling has established that, if it encroaches onto your land from a neighbouring… Read More

Key staff member quit to join a rival?


The departure of a key staff member is often a fractious moment, particularly if they are intent on joining a rival. However, as a High Court defamation case showed, it is vital for employers to… Read More

Answers to enquiries must be accurate!

I Agree

Every landlord or property vendor should be aware that the consequences of failing to accurately answer enquiries before contract can be severe. In a Court of Appeal case, a landlord who failed to… Read More

Farmer punished for mislabelling eggs


Selling goods under a false description is a serious crime. In one case, a farmer who mislabelled ordinary barn eggs as free range received a 30-month prison sentence and a six-figure confiscation… Read More

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