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‘Crash for cash’ handlers to pay damages

Car Accident

Claims handling companies are expected to act with integrity and those that fail to do so can be hit with exemplary damages awards following a landmark Court of Appeal decision in a so-called ‘crash… Read More

Exclusion of liability for fire was ‘reasonable’


When businesses with broadly equal bargaining power enter into a freely negotiated contract, the law will rarely intervene to alter the bargain. The point was clearly made than by a Court of Appeal… Read More

'Perverse’ employment ruling overturned

Unfair dismissal

Employment Tribunal (ET) decisions are not always right, but it is very rare for them to be condemned as perverse. That is, however, exactly what happened in the case of a car sales manager who was… Read More

Powers of attorney – use a professional


Powers of attorney are a vital means by which the financial affairs of those who lack capacity to make their own decisions can be efficiently managed. However, those who exercise such powers do not… Read More

Contract of service or contract for services?


The distinction between contracts of service and contracts for services may appear a fine one, but it can have crucial tax implications. The point was made by one case in which a company through… Read More

Claims handling company fined £553,000


Repetitive and unsolicited telephone calls offering help in obtaining compensation for missold payment protection insurance (PPI) are viewed by many as something of a modern plague. However, as one… Read More

Real human contact required


Obtaining services via a mobile phone app is certainly convenient and cost effective, but there are times when it is essential for customers to be able to speak to a real person. The Court of Appeal… Read More

Self-employed or 'worker'?


Self-employed or worker? There can hardly be a more burning issue in employment law and, in upholding a plumber’s claim that he fell into the latter category, the Supreme Court has imposed vital… Read More

Play facilities must be safe as well as fun

Laser tag

The law does not require children to be wrapped in cotton wool and recognises that play facilities must be thrilling as well as healthy. However, as a High Court decision showed, that does not mean… Read More

ACAS had duty to consult


The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has, since 1975, helped to resolve some of Britain’s most bitter industrial disputes. However, an important tribunal ruling has established… Read More

Shop manager wrongly dismissed

Unfair dismissal

Employers who do not have robust procedures in place for investigating incidents of alleged staff misconduct frequently pay a heavy price. That was certainly so in one case in which a shop manager… Read More

Tour operators not liable for balcony fall

Balcony crop

Package tour operators are frequently held liable for accidents that befall their clients abroad. However, as a Court of Appeal ruling showed, their legal responsibilities do not extend to… Read More

General Data Protection Regulation

Data security

For anyone who has heard about the GDPR, but not yet taken steps to comply - this is what it is and you must do (and preferably quickly!) The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which… Read More

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