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Service charges consultation obligations

Block of flats

Tenants are legally entitled to be consulted before their landlords sign agreements with their managing agents or others that extend beyond a 12-month period and result in the levying of service… Read More

Oral modification – Supreme Court ruling

Supreme Court

Contract terms that seek to set agreements in stone, preventing their subsequent oral modification (NOM clauses), have long been controversial – but the Supreme Court has ruled in a guideline case… Read More

Home made will? Think again!

Homemade will crop

Will forms that are filled in without legal advice are an invitation for dispute between your loved ones after you are gone. The point was powerfully made by a Court of Appeal case in which two… Read More

Mind your step

Mind the step

Employers and occupiers of premises owe strict legal duties to protect the health and safety of their staff and visitors. However, as one High Court case showed, judges are not in the business of… Read More

Dog trainer fends off claim

Fox terrier

The courts will only imply contractual obligations that are realistically achievable. In one unusual case on this point, a judge rejected a breach of contract claim against a professional dog… Read More

The 2018 FIFA World Cup – Are You Ready?

Football kick

The 2018 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup commences on Thursday 14 June with a match between Russia and Saudi Arabia that kicks off at 4:00pm UK time in the… Read More

Mental health awareness – ACAS guidance


Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May), and this year the Mental Health Foundation is focusing on stress. Whilst not a mental health problem in itself, stress can lead to depression… Read More

Shared parental leave - discrimination


Is it discriminatory that only women can qualify for maternity leave and that men often have to manage on reduced pay if they take time off to care for newborn children? The Employment Appeal… Read More

Disciplinary procedures best defence


Employers that take legal advice to ensure that their disciplinary procedures are fair and rigorous are far less exposed to the threat of employment proceedings. In a Court of Appeal case on point… Read More

Guiding the testator's hand

Elderly patient

The elderly and infirm sometimes require assistance in the physical act of signing a will. However, as one High Court case made clear, holding someone’s hand is one thing but guiding their pen so as… Read More

Media contact with public authorities

Data Security 3

Contact between journalists and public authorities is a source of increasing controversy and can give rise to tricky data protection and privacy issues. That was certainly so in one High Court case… Read More

Had an insurance claim refused?


A failure to strictly comply with the small print of insurance policies can render them worthless in the event of a claim. However, in one case, lawyers representing the owner of a waste processing… Read More

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