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Tattoo artist and cactus shop in 'prick' dispute


In an unusual but instructive passing off case, the High Court has ruled that a tattoo artist to the stars must live with the cactus shop down the road having the same name as his parlour. He had… Read More

Proceedings not precluded by dismissal

Unfair dismissal

Litigants who have their claims dismissed in one forum are generally precluded from pursuing the same, or very similar, claims in a second. However, as a Court of Appeal ruling showed, there are… Read More

Insurers attempt to cut out the middleman!


Solicitors provide a service and it's only fair that they are paid for the work they do. The Supreme Court made that point in finding that an insurance company that reached settlements directly with… Read More

Unpaid parking fine leaves wife bankrupt

Parking ticket

Debtors should only be permitted to pay what they owe by instalments if that is fair to their creditors and achieves finality within a reasonable period. The Court of Appeal made that point in a… Read More

The ‘right to be forgotten’ by Google

Google search

The ‘right to be forgotten’ has been given substance by a landmark case in which a businessman succeeded in having references to a past criminal conviction de-listed by Google, so that they will no… Read More

Hotel removes restrictive covenant


In the title deeds of many homes are restrictions on the uses to which they can be put and it takes a trained professional eye to spot them. In a recent case, one such restriction came close to… Read More

Deafened viola player is compensated


Employers are under a duty to protect their staff against hazards, including noise. In an unusual case on this topic, an opera house viola player whose hearing was irreparably damaged during a… Read More

'Loss of sunlight' stops flat development

Building Construction

Natural light is an essential feature of any desirable home and is a vital factor in many planning decisions. The High Court made that point in quashing planning permission granted for development… Read More

Timing really counts in litigation!


Tight time limits apply to almost all litigation and those who sit on their hands and delay consulting a solicitor take a serious risk that their valid claims will be dismissed without a hearing… Read More

Lack of informed consent leaves NHS liable


When an operation goes seriously wrong and a personal injury claim is made, the issue of 'informed consent' can be critical. Whenever an operation is performed, consent must be given, because all… Read More

Is your stake in your home recorded?

Keys in Hand

If you think you have a stake in a property that is not recorded on the title deeds, you should seek legal advice straight away. One example of the consequences of delay concerned 87-year-old Andrew… Read More

Consequences of non-compliance

Notes and Coins

Failing to pay staff the National Minimum Wage stores up serious financial trouble for the future and employers who do not understand the law will be stung with a longer tail following a tribunal’s… Read More

Remember your financial dependents!


One powerful reason why you should always seek legal advice before making your will is to ensure that you meet your responsibilities to those who depend upon you financially. In one case on point… Read More

Offering work experience placements?


Many businesses take on people in search of work experience on a casual basis but taking legal advice before entering into such arrangements is always a good idea. The point was clearly made by a… Read More

What makes a personal injury actionable?

Psych injury

The Supreme Court has recently addressed an important question relating to personal injury claims and the point at which an injury can be sufficient to justify a legal claim for compensation. The… Read More

Hundreds of wedding receptions in jeopardy!


Officials sometimes make mistakes and it is one of the primary functions of the law to put them right. In one case on point, the High Court quashed planning permission for three marquees in the… Read More

Get professional advice when investing!


A friend you do not trust is hardly worth having, but warm relations are sadly no replacement for professional advice when it comes to investments. The point was graphically made by a High Court… Read More

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