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Compliments of the season!


Another year draws to a close! We shall close for Christmas on Friday 22 December at 13:00 and reopen for business as usual on Tuesday 2 January 2018. To all our clients and friends we send our… Read More

Legal time limits are not always flexible


There is a tendency to believe that legal time limits are flexible and can be extended – but that is by no means always the case. A property company’s hopes of building homes on its land were… Read More

Charity Commission guidance for donations


This time of year is one in which charitable giving tends to peak, but regrettably so does the incidence of bogus charity collections. The Charity Commission has issued a checklist of points for… Read More

Policeman claims negligence led to addiction

Police Officer

One very good reason why you should see a solicitor straight away if you are injured by someone else’s negligence is that compensation claims are subject to legal time limits. However, one unusual… Read More

Equal pay claims and employer insolvency


In a recent important ruling, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that equal pay claims being pursued by catering workers did amount to claims for 'arrears of pay' and 'debts' that transferred… Read More

Be careful what you say in public!


Claims of slander are rarely pursued nowadays, but one High Court case must stand as a lesson to all that it is wise to be careful what you say in public. Elderly woman, Annie Saddler, who falsely… Read More

Legitimate business reasons for garden leave


In an important decision that strengthens the hand of employers facing hard times, the High Court has ruled that a financial services company had legitimate business reasons for placing a… Read More

Mother awarded damages for ‘wrongful birth’


In an extremely rare ‘wrongful birth’ case, Omodele Meadows, who says she would have terminated her pregnancy had she been aware that her son, Adejuwon, would be born gravely disabled has been… Read More

Company fined after unsolicited texts sent


Unsolicited marketing messages are a modern scourge that causes upset to millions. However, in a case that showed that the authorities are far from powerless to deal with such abuses, a claims… Read More

Morrisons indirectly liable for data leak

Data Security

Can employers be held liable for the criminal actions of rogue workers who disclose colleagues' personal data on the Internet? In an important test case arising from a huge data leak from the… Read More

Don't leave your legal affairs to loved ones!


It is all very well leaving all your legal affairs in the hands of a loved one you trust but, as one Court of Appeal case strikingly showed, taking independent legal advice is always a good idea… Read More


Holiday rat

We're fast approaching the time when many people will be planning next year’s summer holidays and hoping that it will be a restful and enjoyable experience. Sadly, disaster can strike.  We regularly… Read More

Attempting to soften the blow of dismissal


When workers are dismissed for poor performance, it is understandable that some employers might wish to soften the blow by giving some other reason. However, as one case showed, there is a duty not… Read More

National Minimum Wage Rates 2018/2019


The Government has accepted the Low Pay Commission's recommended rates for the National Living Wage (NLW) and the National Minimum Wage (NMW) that will apply from 1 April 2018. These are as follows:… Read More

Happy Birthday to us!

8th anniversary

It is Williamsons’ eighth birthday today! The time has flown by and Year 8 has been another exceptionally busy one for us. During the last 11 months we expanded the volume of services provided to… Read More

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