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Fraudulent calumny - poisoning of the mind

Holding Hands

Allegations that people have been unduly influenced by others in making their wills are relatively common, but claims of actual fraud are far rarer. In one such rare case, a judge found that a… Read More

Can a line on a map define a boundary?

Black Line

A line on a map, however finely drawn, can never be narrow or precise enough to identify a boundary with absolute accuracy. As one case concerning a footpath showed, that inescapable fact lies at… Read More

What amounts to cheating?


Does the concept of ‘cheating’ necessarily involve an element of dishonesty? The Supreme Court tackled that thorny issue in finding that professional card player, Phil Ivey, who won £7.7 million in… Read More

What a spectacle!

Andy Towers and Hayley White

Williamsons are proud to have supported PSG - Property Search Group - in collecting old spectacles to raise money and awareness for World Sight Day. Pictured is our Practice Manager, Hayley White… Read More

Proposed Royal Mail strike banned

Royal Mail

Trade unions have a statutory right to call their members out on strike so long as the correct procedures are followed. However, as one case concerning proposed industrial action by more than… Read More

Flight delay compensation test case


Airline passengers who suffer long flight delays are entitled to compensation under EU law and, in an important ruling, the Court of Appeal has extended that right to connecting flights from… Read More

Employment Tribunal fee refund scheme


Following the decision of the Supreme Court that the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees in July 2013 was unlawful (R on the application of UNISON v Lord Chancellor [2017] UKSC 51), the… Read More

Football Club in match day policing costs

Police Officer

In a decision that will be greeted with joy by football clubs all over the country, the Court of Appeal has ruled that police forces are not entitled to charge them for keeping the peace in public… Read More

Authority fined for data protection breaches

Data security

Uploading information to the Internet takes seconds and mistakes are easily made but the consequences of publishing private data online can be severe. In one case, a local planning authority was… Read More

Contracts - remember context matters too!


Wording of contracts is the first port of call for judges who are asked to interpret them – but context matters too. The Court of Appeal made that point in resolving a long-running dispute that… Read More

Don't be tempted to make a homemade will


Signing a home-made will, without legal advice, is a false economy and creates a real risk that your wishes will not be honoured after your death. One striking example concerned an eastern European… Read More

Incompetent surgeon's victims compensated


Incompetent doctors can leave untold misery in their wake and that was certainly so in the case of one breast surgeon who let down hundreds of his patients. Legal redress is thankfully available… Read More

Specs appeal!


This year Property Search Group - or PSG as we know them - have announced their spectacles appeal for World Sight Day on 9 October. The teams based in Somerset, Swindon and Plymouth will be visiting… Read More

Life-Sustaining treatment – who decides?


Should decisions to withdraw life-sustaining treatment be made by a patient’s loved ones, in consultation with doctors, or by judges? The High Court tackled that burning issue in the case of a… Read More

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