Injured in a workplace accident?

Posted: 22nd September 2017

WiresWorkplace accidents can have devastating consequences.

In one case, an electrician who suffered catastrophic brain injuries due to a piece of faulty wiring has won the right to very substantial damages.

The man was working on a ceiling light fitting at a commercial premises when he was electrocuted and suffered a cardiac arrest. He was thrown off a ladder and struck his head, sustaining severe head injuries.

His cognitive deficits are such that he is classified as a protected party, incapable of managing his own affairs.

After lawyers launched proceedings on his behalf, it was accepted that he had suffered a massive electric shock because the junction box to which the fitting was connected had been miswired. The High Court found that the error had been made eight years previously, when the fitting was originally installed. On that basis, the company that was responsible for the negligent installation bore 75 per cent of the liability for the accident.

The Court found that the remaining 25 per cent of liability rested on the man’s employer, in that there had been a negligent failure to pinpoint the fault during two previous safety inspections of electrical fittings at the premises. Arguments that the man was in part to blame for his own misfortune were rejected. The amount of his award remains to be assessed but is likely to be a seven-figure sum.

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