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Important agreements should be in writing!


It is good to be trusting, but, it makes sense to get agreements in writing. In one case, a woman’s claim that her ex-partner promised to give her half his property business failed due to a lack of… Read More

Trade Marks – Use them or lose them!

Classic car

Trade marks that are not put to good use merely clog up the register and have been likened to abandoned vessels in the shipping lanes of commerce. In one case on point, the Intellectual Property… Read More

Choose your executors carefully


A decorated Second World War veteran had left the majority of his estate to his four surviving children and to his grandchildren by a daughter who had predeceased him. By a codicil to his will that… Read More

Assurances can have contractual force


Promises made and assurances given to employees can have contractual force, so it is vital not to make such commitments without taking legal advice. That point was made by one case in which a… Read More

Injured in a workplace accident?


Workplace accidents can have devastating consequences. In one case, an electrician who suffered catastrophic brain injuries due to a piece of faulty wiring has won the right to very substantial… Read More

Confidentiality law protects Entrepreneurs

Data Protection

Entrepreneurs intent on raising money with a view to commercial exploitation of their ideas inevitably have to disclose detailed business plans to those they hope will provide finance. Such… Read More

Buying a houseboat? Get advice!


Buying a houseboat can be just as tricky as purchasing a house and, in both cases, legal advice is absolutely essential so that you can be sure you get what you pay for. In one case exactly on… Read More

Hospital negligence leads to quadriplegia


When treatment goes wrong and victims take legal advice, it is not uncommon for the NHS to agree to pay compensation. In one case in which that happened, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust… Read More

Multinational employers and TUPE

Unfair Dismissal

Multinational companies frequently move their operations between countries – but how do to the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) impact on their search for… Read More

Illegitimate use of bakery equipment


The law positively encourages business competition, but there are limits and judges are active in policing the line of acceptability. In one case, the owner of an independent bakery narrowly escaped… Read More

New 'Vento' bands

Injury to feelings

Following a consultation, the Presidents of the Employment Tribunal have issued revised guidance on the amount of compensation payable for injury to feelings in discrimination cases (the 'Vento'… Read More

Personal injury compensation payments


When a compensation award is made to the victim of an accident, the actual amount of the settlement is adjusted to take into account the interest the claimant can expect to earn by investing it… Read More

Evidence overkill!


The general rule with regard to legal costs in litigation is that the winner's legal fees are paid by the loser. However, the High Court has now warned litigators excessive trial bundles are… Read More

$460,000 ‘profit’ made from abusive trades


Online platforms make it possible for almost anyone to have a flutter on the financial markets. However, web-based trading can be open to abuse and that was certainly so in one case concerning a… Read More

Interpreting contracts – Parties’ intentions


The courts are always keen to give effect to the intentions of the parties within contracts. They are equally reluctant to find that provisions are void for uncertainty. Those points were made in a… Read More

Agencies must pay National Minimum Wage


Paying the National Minimum Wage (NMW) is a strict legal requirement and employers that fail to do so can be hit with punitive penalties. In one case, an employment agency that laid on thousands of… Read More

Couple’s mirror wills ‘set in stone’

Married couple

It is common for couples to make so-called ‘mirror’ wills, leaving everything to each other and, eventually, to their children. Such documents may appear simple but, as one High Court case showed… Read More

Dealing with insurers can be tricky


Dealing with insurers following a loss can be an intricate business, involving detailed analysis of policy terms, so it is always wise to seek legal advice. In one case, a designer clothes company’s… Read More

Pestered by unsolicited marketing calls?


Unsolicited marketing calls are an unwelcome feature of modern life. However, as one telephone sales company discovered, public complaints do not go unheard and those who abuse data protection rules… Read More

Premature twin to be compensated by NHS


Giving birth is always a tense time for parents but they have a right to expect that, if a crisis develops, medical professionals will match up to their duty of care. In one case where unfortunately… Read More

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