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Importance of consistent decision-making


Government ministers may feel that they cannot be expected to know everything that civil servants are doing in their name but as one High Court ruling emphasised, it is vitally important that… Read More

Your right to choose who benefits in your will


When making a will, you have the legal right to choose who should benefit and who should not – even if your motives are open to criticism. The High Court made that point in upholding the will of a… Read More

You can be resident in more than one country


It is possible to be resident in more than one country at the same time. In fact those who have been resident in England for three months or more are generally also viewed as domiciled here. The… Read More

Buying a holiday home abroad? Get advice!


When buying holiday homes abroad, it is absolutely vital to employ solicitors who are entirely independent of the vendors. A case that resoundingly proved the point concerned a development of luxury… Read More

Asbestos remains a ticking time bomb


Decades after the dangers of asbestos were first recognised, the substance has still not been eradicated from some buildings constructed in the 1960s or earlier. A case that should be required… Read More

Woman let down by gynaecologist awarded


Even the most eminent doctors can make negligent mistakes and it is only right that patients who suffer should be compensated. In one case, a woman who endured months of needless anxiety and… Read More

Pensioner lacked capacity to execute will

Dearly departed

Those who delay making a professionally drafted will until they reach advanced old age are making a mistake for which their loved ones are likely to pay in the long run. In one case, a woman’s three… Read More

Solicitors are often friends as well as advisers

Hold hand

Solicitors are often friends as well as advisers to their clients and are well placed to offer protection at moments of vulnerability. Exactly that happened in one case, in which a terminally ill… Read More

Employment law and human rights


The impact of the UK’s human rights obligations on employment law is still a subject of much debate almost 20 years after the advent of the Human Rights Act 1998. In one important case, the Court of… Read More

Prescriptive rights of way - permission is vital

Right of way

Rights of way across the land of others can become established if they have been used openly and without force for at least 20 years. However, such use must also be without permission and, as one… Read More

The perils of dismissing a senior employee


Terminating the employment of senior personnel can be legally complex and costly and, even when professional advice is taken, things can go wrong. The point was made by a case concerning a… Read More

Facing homelessness?

Flat block

Local authorities are under a legal duty to provide suitable accommodation for the homeless, but the rules are complex. A mother of three was, through no fault of her own, facing eviction from her… Read More

Judge takes common sense balance


Nowadays the public is made well aware that smoking is not good for you, but that was not the case in the 1950s and earlier at a time when thousands of people were exposed to asbestos. That point… Read More

High Court prioritises patient care in NHS


The award of public contracts is automatically suspended if disputes arise as to the fairness of the tendering process. In deciding whether such suspensions should be continued until trial, however… Read More

Employment Tribunals to ensure fair hearings


Employment Tribunals (ETs) are at the forefront of the battle to eradicate discrimination in all its forms from the workplace. It is obviously vital that they practice what they preach and that is… Read More

Compulsory development value ruling


When private land is compulsorily acquired by public authorities, former owners are entitled to compensation equal to its open market value, which includes any development potential. That point was… Read More

Making a will? Remember responsibilities!


When making your will, the law expects that you will not forget your responsibilities to your family. The point was made by one case in which a father left his entire £265,000 estate to a friend… Read More

Did you give informed consent?


Everyone knows that, if you are injured by a doctor’s negligence, compensation is payable. However, far fewer people understand that exactly the same applies if you are subjected to a treatment or… Read More

Tribunals may appoint litigation friends


It has for a very long time been possible for vulnerable people to be represented in court by litigation friends so that they can have proper access to justice. Now, in a decision of general public… Read More

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