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Garden shed row costs £140,000


Disagreements between neighbours can usually be resolved with a little legal advice and goodwill on both sides. However, in one case where that sadly did not happen, a homeowner was left facing a… Read More

Victimization ruling overturned


It is hardly surprising that some people feel reluctant to make legal complaints about their existing employers. However, as one case concerning an NHS worker strikingly showed, such claims are… Read More

NHS fails to diagnose broken back


Despite their best efforts, doctors inevitably make mistakes. A middle-aged man won a multi-million-pound compensation package from the NHS after hospital medics at Bradford Royal Infirmary failed… Read More

Wrongly jailed father compensated


Family judges work under relentless pressure and the legal system is not afraid to recognise that they sometimes make mistakes. A father who was wrongly jailed by a judge in the midst of a bitter… Read More

Probate fee hike scrapped


Wills and probate practitioners today welcomed the announcement from the Ministry of Justice that controversial increases in probate fees have been scrapped following the Prime Minister’s decision… Read More

Competition law analysed in fish dispute

Fish and chips

Fierce rivalry in the fresh and frozen fish industry was triggered by the exodus of senior staff from one company to another and led to a guideline case in which the High Court analysed the… Read More

What is a house?


Houses are for living in and most people would say that they would know one if they saw one. However, the use of buildings frequently changes over time and a Court of Appeal decision in a leasehold… Read More

Legal documents must be correctly served!


Legal documents are not worth the paper they are written on unless they are formally served on those to whom they are addressed. In one case exactly on point, a bankruptcy petition was dismissed… Read More

Teacher unfairly dismissed after sick leave

Unfair Dismissal

Long-term sick leave can be a headache for employers, but it is absolutely vital that workers are given every opportunity to get better and return to work. In one case, a teacher who was off work… Read More

Driver wrongly accused of ‘crash for cash’


One of the unfortunate consequences of the prevalence of so called ‘crash for cash’ insurance frauds is that innocent motorists can come under suspicion. In one such case, a taxi driver was cleared… Read More

Under-occupation of social housing


A Court of Appeal ruling has illustrated the difficulties faced by social landlords in recovering possession of under-occupied properties so that they can be leased to those who really need them. It… Read More

Family companies – start estate planning!


When it comes to family companies, the death of a shareholder can give rise to very serious tax consequences and, as one High Court case vividly revealed, it is never too early to seek expert advice… Read More

Compensation rising after 16 years


A recent change to the way in which compensation for seriously injured negligence victims is calculated has led to a dramatic increase in the size of awards – but they are still no more than is… Read More

Man falsely branded 'terrorist' compensated


Reputations are easily harmed by libellous allegations made on the Internet. In one case, the chief executive of a respected Islamic television channel, Mohamed Ali Harrath, won complete vindication… Read More

Restaurant dispels association with dog food

Dog Food

Trade marks are an invaluable means of maintaining a bright shine on brands and protecting them against inappropriate associations. In one striking example, the owners of Michelin-starred London… Read More

Indirect discrimination


The Supreme Court has urged employers to modify provisions, criteria or practices (PCPs) that disadvantage protected minority groups – even if no reason can be discerned for their discriminatory… Read More

Employee paid nothing awarded £182,000


Unlawful deductions from wages may not seem a strong enough phrase to describe one case in which an employee was not paid anything at all for seven years’ work. Employment law is well equipped to… Read More

Who are you talking to on dating sites?

Data Security

Internet dating sites are sadly fertile ground for fraudsters and even highly intelligent professional people can fall victim. In a case that underlined the wisdom of seeking professional advice… Read More

Private sector gender pay gap reporting


The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 introduce mandatory gender pay gap reporting on an annual basis for private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more… Read More

Individual justice v social consequences


Judges have the social consequences of their decisions well in mind and sometimes have to balance justice for individuals against the general public good. In one case that powerfully proved the… Read More

Put emotion to one side!

Law Courts

One of the reasons why you should employ a solicitor to represent you in litigation is the need to put emotion to one side. This sadly did not happen where two farmer's sons squandered their entire… Read More

The Big Red Nose Day Bake Sale Success!

Red Nose Day

Williamsons are proud to announce that our Big Red Nose Day Bake Sale raised an impressive £223.05 for Comic Relief! The money earned goes to a number of important causes. This year the main focus… Read More

Illegal buns?!


Chocolate eggs at the ready, Easter is on its way and there’s a traditional sweet treat that Easter just wouldn’t be the same without – hot cross buns! Hot cross buns are now sold and enjoyed… Read More

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