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Autistic woman should have caesarean


The law protects your right to decide whether or not to undergo invasive medical procedures – but not everyone is able to make such crucial decisions for themselves. In one case, the High Court… Read More

$17.5m fraudster jailed for defying orders

Credit card

One of the advantages of the English legal system is that even the most convincing lies tend to be exposed under rigorous forensic examination in the witness box. In one case that proved the point… Read More

Young mum awarded £175,000 from NHS


No amount of money can ever fully compensate victims of medical disasters, but you need to have an eye to the future and should not be deterred from seeking legal advice. In one case, the four… Read More

Freedom of information

Freedom of Information

The bad old days of blanket official secrecy are happily long gone and, with the right legal advice, you can get hold of all the information you need. In one striking case, a campaigner was granted… Read More

High Court fulfils Grandmother’s plans

Family - Trusts

Family trusts are commonly used as a means of minimising tax liabilities, particularly Inheritance Tax (IHT), but their intricacy means that mistakes can be made. As one High Court case happily… Read More

Zero tolerance dismissal was unfair


Employers are fully entitled to take a very dim view of violence in the workplace – but, when considering what action to take, each case must be considered on its own facts. In one case, an employee… Read More

Poorly drafted contract leads to court

I Agree

Commercial contracts often endure harmoniously for many years, but their very longevity can make termination even more acrimonious. That was certainly so in the case of an employment agency that… Read More

Love is blind!

Aston crop

  Love is blind and can sometimes lead you into financial folly but the right legal advice can help you to pick up the pieces. In one case, the High Court came to the aid of a wealthy divorcee who… Read More

When does food become property?

Dominican Republic

In a case that will be required reading for anyone working in the hospitality industry, the Court of Appeal has ruled in the context of a holiday food poisoning case that, when food is served, or… Read More

Is type 2 diabetes a disability?


The definition of ‘disability’ in the employment context continues to be controversial, particularly when it comes to conditions that afflict very large numbers of people. The issue was highlighted… Read More

Who owns your goodwill?


Many professional firms continue to bear the names of former partners – but, if the latter object, what legal rights do they have? In tackling that issue, the High Court found that the goodwill… Read More

Land Registry record?!


As solicitors handling residential and commercial property transactions, we deal with the Land Registry on a weekly basis. The Land Registry is responsible for registering the ownership of land and… Read More

Brinksmanship with court deadlines


Court rules impose strict time limits on the service of legal documents and failure to comply with them can be disastrous. In one case, brinksmanship in respect of one such deadline very nearly… Read More

Is your private information being misused?


Social media sites bear social responsibilities and, if you are the victim of wounding online posts, you are not without legal protection. The point was powerfully made by one High Court case in… Read More

Franchising pros and cons


Many of the best known business names in the world started out as (or still are) franchises. Two of the most valuable brand names in the world (McDonald’s and Coca-Cola) have expanded rapidly using… Read More

Insuring your key people


Taking out insurance on the life and/or health of a person key to your company’s business is often a very sensible precaution. The cost of such insurance can be set against the business tax… Read More

Working at height? Know the rules!

Working at height

Working at height requires special training and protective measures. In a cautionary tale for employers who may be tempted to use unqualified staff to carry out roof repairs or other precarious… Read More

New year, new employment laws!


Here are three employment law changes lined up for 2017 that may change your day-to-day life in the UK. Apprenticeships From April, there is to be an apprenticeship levy on large employers to fund 3… Read More

Buying a property abroad? Get protection!


Buying homes abroad is not without risks and you should always consult solicitors at the English end of the bargain to ensure that you are protected. In one case where that sadly did not happen, 16… Read More

Property move!

Ally Broughton

We start the New Year by welcoming a new addition to the conveyancing team here at Williamsons Solicitors in Crewkerne. Ally Broughton (pictured) achieved her fellowship of the Chartered Institute… Read More

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