Happy Birthday to us!

Posted: 1st December 2016

Happy BirthdayIt is Williamsons’ seventh birthday today!

The time seems to have flown by and Year 7 has been another exceptionally busy one. Thanks to all who have been part of the journey so far.

We have continued our recruitment and training as we expand the volume of services provided to our clients, old and new.

We continue to make IT one of our lead priorities. One major investment this year has been our new VOIP telephone system that is making dealing with calls even easier than before and fully exploiting improvements in the wider infrastructure.

We are also continuing to build our presence in social media where you can pick up news on a more regular basis. There are links on the website. Have a look, like, follow and link with us!

We look forward to the new year ahead, when we have more advances planned.

Watch this cyberspace!