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Unfair dismissal - future loss of earnings


Unfair dismissal can blight your career indefinitely but, with the right legal advice, you can be compensated for all your loss of earnings. One case that proved the point concerned a finance… Read More

Deadlines are not guidelines

Time bomb

The courts give top priority to the efficient and cost effective conduct of litigation and failure to comply with case management directions can have dire consequences. In one case that underlined… Read More

Late payment sparks libel trial


Late payment of bills is a constant source of irritation in the business community but legal advice should always be taken to ensure that frustration does not boil over into unlawful conduct. In one… Read More

Depressed care worker unfairly dismissed


Those who suffer unlawful treatment in the workplace commonly suffer psychiatric injury as a result, and Employment Tribunals (ETs) have broad powers to ensure that they are properly compensated. In… Read More

UK data collection unlawful, rules ECJ


A legal challenge to UK Government legislation giving the authorities wide powers to collect and retain data has been upheld by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The Data Retention and… Read More

Sacked guard wins appeal


When losing parties read an Employment Tribunal (ET) decision, fairness demands that it should be clear to them exactly why they have failed. In one case where that did not happen, a maritime armed… Read More

Compliments of the season


Another year draws to a close and as we look back over the past twelve months we can see yet another successful and dynamic period for the firm. We shall close for Christmas on Thursday 22 December… Read More

Driver compensated for accident at work


Accident victims may understandably feel that they have little chance in taking on big companies in court. In one case, a Tesco driver who was stricken by an extremely rare back condition following… Read More

VAT on lapdancing club vouchers?

Credit card

People might think that the work of tax lawyers is technical and dry, but that is by no means always so. In one case, the Court of Appeal considered a VAT dispute in respect of vouchers issued to… Read More

Disability discrimination?

Unfair dismissal

Many medical conditions amount to disabilities for the purposes of employment law, but matters can become more complicated when the combined effect of more than one condition is considered. The… Read More

Workplace disciplinary investigations


All workplace disciplinary investigations must be fair, but even greater vigilance is needed where alleged misconduct is very serious and credibility is in issue. The Employment Appeal Tribunal… Read More

Titanic trademark infringement


Obvious risks of confusion arise if businesses that trade in the same field use similar or identical names. However, in one case concerning two hospitality companies that both used the word… Read More

Christmas Jumper Day at Williamsons!

CJD Williamsons

It’s Christmas Jumper Day and a few of the team at Williamsons have thrown on a festive jumper and seriously silly headgear to help raise money for Save the Children. We have all enjoyed getting… Read More

Operation infection victim compensated


Even routine operations can have devastating consequences if they go wrong, and it is only right that those who suffer should be properly compensated. In one case, a woman won seven-figure damages… Read More

‘Hybrid’ assured shorthold tenancies


In a decision that will be required reading for property landlords, the Court of Appeal has confirmed the validity of a form of assured shorthold tenancy that has been in common use for many years… Read More

Will disputes can become a family tragedy

Last Will

Family inheritance disputes can be witheringly sad and it is absolutely essential to seek independent legal advice to ensure that peace prevails after you are gone. In one case, Michael Inchbald's… Read More

Company not liable for post-party assault


Companies are legally responsible for the misdeeds of their workers – but only if they are committed in the course of their employment. In one case that strikingly made the point, Northampton… Read More

Contractor jailed for attempted bribery


A local authority official went straight to the police after a contractor offered him a cash-filled envelope. The man was subsequently jailed for offering the bribe. The businessman ran a company… Read More

Christmas Jumper Day!


The team at Williamsons are looking forward to taking part in this year’s Christmas Jumper Day when jumper joy will spread all over the nation. Friday 16 December is the day when you are allowed to… Read More

Same-sex marriage and church law clash

Church of England

In a landmark employment case that highlighted the continuing mismatch between the legalisation of same-sex marriage and Church of England doctrine, a tribunal ruled that a bishop was exempt from… Read More

Rights to spousal support are personal


In a landmark decision of interest to insolvency and divorce practitioners, the High Court has ruled that rights to financial support following divorce are personal in nature and do not survive the… Read More

Attack on arbitration award prevented


One of the primary objectives of the justice system is to achieve finality in dispute resolution and, as one High Court case strikingly showed, judges are astute to prevent collateral attacks on… Read More

Employment law – Autumn statement


Within the Autumn Statement there are a number of changes to employment law of which employers should be aware. These include: New Limits for Salary Sacrifice Schemes From April 2017, a number of… Read More

Football manager ordered to pay club £3.7m


Employers have a right to expect that their workers will honour their contracts and behave honestly. In one case where that signally did not happen, the manager of Premier League football club… Read More

Victorian sect had charitable purposes


The High Court was called upon to rule on the correct destination of almost £1 million yielded from the sale of a church where followers of a messianic Victorian sect once worshipped. The sect was… Read More

Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday

It is Williamsons’ seventh birthday today! The time seems to have flown by and Year 7 has been another exceptionally busy one. Thanks to all who have been part of the journey so far. We have… Read More

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