Cruise passengers compensated

Posted: 18th November 2016

Cruise shipHolidaymakers let down by tour operators need not take their disappointment lying down and can win compensation with the right legal advice. In one case, more than 200 passengers whose luxury cruise was ruined by an outbreak of a virulent tummy bug won payouts ranging from £500 to more than £1,500.

The passengers instructed solicitors to represent them in a group action against the operators of the cruise ship on the basis that their holidays were not of the quality that they had paid for. Whilst continuing to deny liability, the operators agreed to settle their cases shortly before a High Court trial was due to start.

The compromise negotiated by the passengers’ legal team resulted in more than 100 of them winning back 60 percent of the cost of their holidays. Larger payments were made to others who had fallen seriously ill during the cruise. The details of the settlement emerged as the High Court rejected the operators' challenge to legal costs bills totalling just under £1 million.