Teenager receives £500,000 from NHS

Posted: 16th November 2016

SurgeonDetermination combined with expert legal advice often brings results, and that was certainly so in one case in which parents won £500,000 in compensation from the NHS in respect of disabilities with which their 17-year-old son was born.

During his traumatic delivery, the boy suffered grave damage to the bundle of nerves controlling his left shoulder, arm and hand. Despite pioneering surgery when he was aged three, his range of movement remained restricted and he was in continuous pain. The disability was likely to restrict his career path and earning potential.

The family’s lawyers argued that the damage resulted from excessive force used by midwives during the delivery. It was also submitted that, as the baby was unusually large when compared to his mother’s slight frame, the delivery should have been classified as high risk and performed by an obstetrician.

The NHS trust that ran the hospital disputed liability in the case. However, following negotiations with the family’s legal team, it agreed to a financial settlement of the claim, without the need for a trial. In approving the compromise, the High Court commended the parents and their legal advisers for their determination, care and understanding in pursuing the case to a successful conclusion.