Quartz Festival

Posted: 19th September 2016

QuartzWilliamsons are delighted to be supporting the Quartz Festival in Taunton, now in its 12th year.

This annual event in Taunton boasts an impressive mix of theatre, art and music, catering for all ages. The 2016 schedule again features many top names, including comedian Milton Jones and The Chicago Blues Brothers.

Featuring the Outside In visual arts exhibition it will bring together artists and enthusiasts from across the South West to create an exciting 10 day event. From paintings and sculptures to woodwork, textiles and jewellery you are sure to find something can’t tear yourself away from. There is also the unique opportunity at this event to attend workshops and demonstrations and to find out directly from the artists how they work.

An inventive performance of The Emperor’s New Clothes, which caters for a younger audience, will take place in the Queen’s Hall. This well-known Hans Christian Andersen parable has been brought together by public funding to provide an engaging afternoon for children.

Queens College, which hosts the festival, is proud to offer scholarships to students with academic, sporting or a range of arts talents. The college is split into four schools which combine both day and boarding students up until the age of 18. Events like the Quartz festival help the College fund both these scholarships and also the schooling and activities available to encourage the students to reach their full potential.

For more information and tickets for this event, head over to the Quartz website. We hope to see you there!