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IFAs sued on restrictive covenants

Hands tied

Companies are entitled to protect their trading position by insisting that their former workers desist from joining competitors for a reasonable period after their departure. However, balancing such… Read More

Draft business rates published


The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has published the draft rateable values for commercial properties that will be used by local authorities to set business rates from April 2017. The VOA has provided… Read More

Pippa Middleton in internet hacking case


The activities of Internet hackers are a scourge on society – but the law can act fast to protect the privacy of victims. In one case, a judge issued an emergency injunction after the iCloud account… Read More

‘Gross failures’ at mental health clinic


In an unusual case that exposed serious shortcomings in the care provided by the Priory Clinic in Roehampton, the widow and young daughter of a patient who threw himself under a train after going… Read More

Public officials should answer their phones!


Officials work under pressure but members of the public who they serve have the right to expect that they will answer the phone promptly. A tribunal made that point as it upheld a company’s… Read More

New enquiry Into corporate governance

Co register

The focus on corporate governance, always a matter of considerable public interest, has been amplified by events leading up to the recent collapse of retailer BHS and what many see as excessive… Read More

We're hiring!


      WILLS AND PROBATE LAWYER   Williamsons was established in 2009 primarily as a litigation firm. We have evolved to meet the needs and demands of a growing number of clients, expanding our range… Read More

Liability for defective products


A factory fire which caused £20 million worth of damage gave rise to an important case in which the Court of Appeal took a modern view of product liability and consumer protection laws which date… Read More

Workers caught up in park and ride dispute

Park & ride

The termination of a subsidised park and ride bus service and its replacement by a fully commercial, unsubsidised, alternative on the same route, gave rise to a tribunal decision which provided… Read More

Adjudication breached rules of natural justice


It is essential that contract adjudicators must not only act, but be seen to act, fairly. In one case involving a contract to install a £30 million airport baggage handling system, the High Court… Read More

Quartz Festival


Williamsons are delighted to be supporting the Quartz Festival in Taunton, now in its 12th year. This annual event in Taunton boasts an impressive mix of theatre, art and music, catering for all… Read More

Fresh hope in discrimination claim


It is a fundamental tenet of the English legal system that those on the losing side in litigation are entitled to know the reasons for their defeat. In a case which underlined that principle, a… Read More

Disabled worker:‘more favourable’ treatment


Many employers may be surprised to note that it is inherent in the Equality Act 2010 that the duty to make reasonable adjustments may require them to treat a disabled employee more favourably than… Read More

Bereavement damages – Court urges reform


It is vital that the law keeps up with the speed of social change and, in one important case, the High Court has urged Parliament to bring about reform so that unmarried partners of those who lose… Read More

Win for whistleblowing undercover police


Workplace whistleblowers are protected by law and employers have to be extremely careful not to persecute them for their activities. In one case that proved the point, two police detectives who were… Read More

No right to electricity or water


A couple found out the hard way why land conveyancing is a job for professionals when they ended up marooned in their bungalow, without any right of access to water or electricity, following a… Read More

Bookkeeper wife pays for mingling funds


Family members who run businesses together should take careful note of a High Court case in which a husband and wife’s mingling of personal and company funds and failure to keep proper records… Read More

Workplace temperatures – employer’s duties

Air con

This summer’s hot weather raised the issue of the law regarding temperatures in the workplace. What is a suitable environment will depend on the nature of the activity. For example, the Chartered… Read More

Regeneration project survives challenge


In a case which raised important issues in relation to public procurement, the High Court has refused to strike down a development agreement entered into by a local authority with the objective of… Read More

Unlocking your equity


There is a bewildering variety of equity release schemes on the market and, judging by the letters pages of the financial press, they are not well understood. Releasing equity in a house can be an… Read More

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