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Break a leg Charlie!


Another close link with the Entertainments National Service Association has recently come to light through our own Nigel Stannard, who leads our commercial and residential property services. Nigel… Read More

Free bus pass a taxable benefit


Fringe benefits provided to employees are usually taxable – but there are exceptions, and one of them came under detailed scrutiny in a case involving a free bus pass issued to a local authority… Read More

Tree root subsidence compensation


In a ground-breaking decision of interest to property professionals and homeowners, a couple whose conservatory was catastrophically undermined by the roots of a protected oak tree have won £25,000… Read More

One job - two employers!


In a guideline decision which reinforced the rights of agency workers, a tribunal has underlined in the context of an NHS whistleblowing case that it is legally possible to have one job but more… Read More

Directors personally liable for tax and NI


Company directors are under a personal duty to ensure that National Insurance (NI) and Income Tax (IT) liabilities are met and the corporate veil will not protect them in the event of wilful… Read More

Social housing pressure


Intense pressure on social housing means that hard decisions sometimes have to be made. In one striking case, the High Court opened the way for eviction of a son from his family home of almost 20… Read More

Cruise ship refurb payout


Contractual deadlines can be very tight and the financial consequences of breaching them are often severe. In one case which underlined the point, a cruise ship operator won Euros 770,000 in damages… Read More

Insurance Act 2015 now In force


The Insurance Act 2015 came into force today. In practical terms, the effect of the Act is to reduce the number of 'technical' defences that can be used by insurance companies to avoid paying out on… Read More

Transgender pension dispute goes to ECJ


A woman who chose to remain married to her wife following gender reassignment surgery will have her plea that UK pension rules discriminate against those in her position considered by European Court… Read More

Living together? Be smart - get advice


Personal relationships do not always end happily and, when it comes to property, it is vital to make an appointment with a solicitor so that you know where you stand legally. In one case in which… Read More

Academic employment protection


In a case which raised novel issues relating to employment and security of tenure in the academic world, a university lecturer who was dismissed after failing to report a sexual relationship with a… Read More

Royal Mail workers claims proceed


Four black Royal Mail employees who claimed that they had been victimised due to their race and treated less favourably than a white colleague have had their hopes of winning compensation boosted by… Read More

Unmarried partner entitled to house


In a ground-breaking decision which should be required reading for all unmarried couples who live together, a judge has ruled that a businessman gave his long-term partner and mother of his three… Read More

Running for charity


Staff at Williamsons helped to raise more money for charity this summer by taking part in the Crewkerne 5K Business Challenge. Three of our team - Tasha Manley, Tracey Martin and Jessica Clements -… Read More

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