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Supreme Court boost for insurance industry


In a decision which will be hailed by the insurance industry as a major boost to its fight to root out fraud, the Supreme Court has ruled that an insurance company that agreed to settle a personal… Read More

Debt problems? Take advice before acting


If you are facing debt problems, it is always wise to seek specialist advice as quickly as possible. One High Court case strikingly showed that belated attempts to disperse your assets amongst your… Read More

Part-time judges' landmark victory


In a resounding decision which will help to bring an end to pay discrimination against part-time workers, two part-time judges who complained that they were treated less favourably than their… Read More

Cash-strapped businessman gets tax break


The tax system can sometimes appear mechanistic, relentless and impersonal – but a tribunal’s decision to overturn a businessman’s late payment penalties in the light of his acute cash flow… Read More

Bus driver sacked after flawed process

London bus

In a case which underlined the great importance of fair and thorough disciplinary procedures in the workplace, a bus driver who was accused of using a mobile phone whilst driving has succeeded in a… Read More

Legal aid residence test blocked


In an important decision which set parameters on the exercise of executive power by government ministers, the Supreme Court blocked the Lord Chancellor’s plans to use subordinate legislation to… Read More

No binding promise in £12m dispute

Law courts

Promises made and assurances given must be clear and unambiguous to be legally binding. In a case that illustrated the point, the son of a wealthy businessman failed to convince the High Court that… Read More

Computer software is ‘goods’, court rules


In an important decision which established that computer software can properly be viewed as ‘goods’, notwithstanding its intangibility, the High Court has awarded substantial compensation to a… Read More

Employer liable for helicopter death


Employers are not legally permitted to delegate their duties to keep their staff safe – even if they are working in challenging environments overseas. In one case which makes that point, the family… Read More

Litigation delay costs lender £1.4 million


Failing to respond swiftly to litigation can be extremely costly. One mortgage lender found that out when its £1.4 million legal charge over a residential property was effectively rendered worthless… Read More

Wildlife conservation - human impact


Protecting wildlife is obviously vital but an important Court of Appeal ruling, in a case concerning traditional fishing rights in the River Severn estuary, has made clear that the impact of… Read More

Ground-breaking equal pay claims


An equal pay claim involving more than 7,000 female supermarket workers – which is said to be the most economically significant piece of litigation to be launched in the UK in recent times – will be… Read More

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