"Good Solicitors" - Will Aid 2015

Posted: 13th May 2016

Good SolicitorsWilliamsons are delighted to report another successful Will Aid effort in 2015, following first involvement in the scheme the year before.

For those yet unfamiliar with the event, the essential theme is that participating solicitors waive their charges for making wills and instead the clients make a donation to a fund shared by nine Will Aid charities.

November is the key month but in fact work generally starts in October and quite often spills over into December. ‘We are not fussy about the exact dates if people want to get on board and we can add something extra to the effort,’ explained director Michael Williamson.‘As before, we’ve been pleased at the level of uptake. For our part it means new faces coming through the door and the chance to demonstrate the level of service that we are committed to providing here at Williamsons.’

'It takes a while obviously for the administration of the scheme to be completed and so we have been waiting patiently for the final notification and our certificate which arrived today! (See picture) It’s another £1,795 towards the scheme, to benefit the Will Aid charities.'

Rosanne at the NSPCC told us "I just wanted to send you a quick thank you on behalf of The NSPCC for the time and energy that you and the team have put into the scheme this year. It makes a genuine difference to our work and I wanted to let you know it is appreciated!"

Advice on and preparation of wills is of course one of the standard service offerings at Williamsons throughout the year. Along with powers of attorney, estate administration and other similar matters. Prices for basic wills start at not a great deal more than the minimum level of suggested Will Aid donation so it’s always a good deal on offer!

See our Wills and Estate Planning page for further information, email us or telephone 01460 200450 today for further information about our services.