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Homeowner wins helicopter noise case


Every homeowner is entitled to a little peace and quiet and one High Court case has underlined that you don’t have to grin and bear noise nuisance. A judge issued an injunction against the operators… Read More

Employment judge 'overstepped the mark'


Judges are required to be, and to appear to be, impartial. In one very rare case, an employment judge was found to have descended into the arena of dispute, making a series of unwarranted comments… Read More

Cars leased to employees income tax free

Car park

Although the way in which benefits of employment are taxed is relevant to millions, it is an intensely complex field which only a specialist can be expected to understand. One Court of Appeal case… Read More

Library manager wins unfair dismissal appeal


A former local authority library manager who was made redundant amidst swingeing funding cuts has won a fresh chance to prove that her dismissal was unfair on the basis that she was not offered a… Read More

Fine for toxic leak "a mere pinprick"

MCr canal

The courts are getting increasingly tough on environmental crime and transgressors can expect to be hit heavily in the pocket. In one case, a chemicals company was fined £166,650 after caustic soda… Read More

Hotel ignored disabled chef’s rights


Ignoring your workers’ employment rights can be extremely costly, both in financial and reputational terms. In one case of which all employers should take note, a hotel company was left facing a… Read More

Protect your trade secrets


The ease with which data can be printed out from a computer system or transferred onto a memory stick means that there is always a risk that trade secrets may end up in the wrong hands. Another High… Read More

Football stadium appeal fails


It may seem gloomy, but one of the reasons why you need a professional contract drafter is that things do not always go quite according to plan. In one case, a deal which was intended to deliver a… Read More

Bonuses must be ‘fair and reasonable’


Employers often go to great lengths to ensure that they retain complete control over workers’ entitlements to bonuses. One important case has underlined the fact that such discretions must be… Read More

Holiday park owners win opening round


In a guideline ruling of particular interest to seaside landowners, a tribunal opened the way for the owners of a holiday village to seek millions of pounds in damages after public harbour… Read More

Whistleblowing curator's appeal succeeds


Whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing on the part of their employers benefit from the full protection of the law. In one case which makes that point, a museum curator who said that he was dismissed… Read More

Discriminatory dress codes


Women clearly cannot be expected by employers to dress in the same way as men, or vice versa, and workplace dress codes can thus give rise to discrimination issues. Exactly that happened in one case… Read More

Tribunal limits increases 2016


The Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2016, which details the annual inflation-linked changes in limits on the compensation amounts which can be awarded by employment tribunals, will… Read More

Domicile of choice and inheritance


The issue of where you are domiciled at the time of your death can have critical implications for your heirs. In one case which made that point, the High Court ruled that it had no power to award a… Read More

‘Pulling a sickie’ - grounds for dismissal


‘Pulling a sickie’ is viewed by some workers as not particularly serious but an Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decision has emphasised that such dishonesty can amount to gross misconduct and… Read More

Vicarious liability for employee assault


In a case of which all employers who have dealings with the public should take note, the Supreme Court has upheld a damages claim in respect of an incident in which a supermarket customer was… Read More

TUPE and corporate insolvency


When one company transfers its workforce to another, employees generally have a right to be redeployed on the same pay and conditions as before. However, in a guideline case, the Employment Appeal… Read More

Bank’s guarantee ‘virtually incoherent’


Bank guarantees underwrite many major contracts and oil the wheels of international commerce. However, the High Court has criticised as ‘virtually incoherent’ one such guarantee issued by a high… Read More

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