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Tycoon’s home-made will triggers strife


One might have thought that a successful businessman worth millions would think it wise to spend a little money on getting his will professionally drafted. His decision to do the job himself had… Read More

Fatal accident compensation boosted


The Supreme Court has corrected a legal anomaly which had for many years resulted in the loved ones of fatal accident victims being under-compensated. The widow of a man who worked as an… Read More

Putting off making your will?


In a warning to all of how foolish it is not to make a will, a woman who lived with her partner for nearly two decades had to go to court to stop his half of their home being inherited by his… Read More

NHS to pay for child's lifetime care

Hospital bed

Compensation is designed to put negligence victims in the same position that they would have been in had they not been injured. Sometimes that cannot be achieved by money alone and that was… Read More

Employers entitled to claim for flight delays


In a decision of importance to any employer whose staff fly abroad on business, the European Court of Justice has ruled for the first time that air carriers’ liability to pay compensation in respect… Read More

Success-based commission and holiday pay


In a landmark decision which will boost the entitlements of thousands of sales staff who are paid on commission – and which addressed the vexed dividing line between domestic and European… Read More

Reasonable adjustments for fair hearing


Employment Tribunals frequently deal with allegations of disability discrimination in the workplace and are themselves under a duty to ensure that their procedures match up to the requirements of… Read More

Police authority’s abolition creates quandary


Workers who suffer discrimination are entitled to claim compensation after leaving their jobs – but what happens if their employer has in the meantime ceased to exist? The Employment Appeal Tribunal… Read More

Personal service – High Court guidance


Legal documents that are not properly served on those who are affected by them are often not worth the paper they are written on. In one guideline decision of interest to anyone involved in the debt… Read More

Investing in property? Understand the risks?


All investments involve some level of risk. Bricks and mortar are no exception and those who seek to profit from a rising property market should take professional advice so that they fully… Read More

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