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Supplier fined £600,000 for trucker’s death


Health and safety breaches can have tragic consequences and companies which break the law should know that they will be hit hard in the pocket. In one case, an agricultural supplies company which… Read More

Atlantic no barrier to enforcement


Cooperation between legal systems throughout the civilised world is the bedrock of international law. In one case which proved the point, the Atlantic proved no barrier to High Court enforcement of… Read More

Negligence victim fights off appeal


Money alone can never be enough to compensate those whose lives are ruined by medical accidents. However, one case in which a woman won damages of almost £460,000 following negligent surgery shows… Read More

£160 million public contract ‘unworkable’


Brevity is usually to be preferred when drafting commercial agreements and an excess of verbosity can often be the source of intractable disputes. That was certainly so in the case of a £160 million… Read More

University succeeds on dismissal appeal


Trade unionists have a vital part to play in many workplaces and employers have to be very careful not to penalise them for their activities. However, in one instance, a university successfully… Read More

Without prejudice - protected negotiations


Conversations with solicitors that are designed to achieve a compromise of legal proceedings are generally ‘without prejudice’ and admissions made cannot be relied upon in court. In an important… Read More

Farming company wins flood case


In a ruling which gave hope to thousands of flooding victims, a farming company whose carrot crop was inundated following record rainfall has triumphed in a test case fight for compensation. The… Read More

Don't wait until it's too late!


Individual finances can become extremely complex over a lifetime and it really is essential to put your affairs in order whilst you are still fit enough to do so. In one case which proved the point… Read More

Increased protection for zero hours workers


In May 2015, the Government acted to ban exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts. However, recognising that further measures were necessary to prevent employers sidestepping the ban, further… Read More

Monitoring of employee’s emails


Most employers ban staff from using office computers for personal communication purposes during working hours and, in an important decision, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that… Read More

Industrial espionage claim succeeds


Employees sadly cannot always be trusted and industrial espionage is a threat which cannot be ignored. In one case, a company received £275,000 in damages and legal costs after a disloyal worker… Read More

Exclusion clause thwarts claim


The law assumes that experienced businesspeople know what they are doing when it comes to allocating risk. In a case which exemplified that position, the High Court found that a development… Read More

Jet grounded by dispute


Contract disputes can sometimes become so intractable that litigation is the only solution. In one case, positions became so entrenched that a corporate jet, which lay at the heart of the… Read More

Google loses early skirmish


In the context of a ground-breaking investigation into whether Google is abusing its dominant position as an Internet search engine and advertiser, a judge has taken steps to ensure that the… Read More

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