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Supreme Court cracks down


In a stern decision of which all litigants should take careful note, the Supreme Court cracked the whip and underlined that tactical manoeuvring and failures to comply with case management orders… Read More

Peripatetic workers and pensions enrolment

Cruise ship

All businesses should by now be well aware that they are, or shortly will be, required to automatically enrol their workers in an approved pension scheme. However, in a ruling which will be required… Read More

Hotelier fined £200,000 for safety breaches


Meeting health and safety rules is often the final entry on small businesses’ priority lists – however, breaking them can have catastrophic consequences. In one case, a hotelier who repeatedly… Read More

Disability adjustments – Court of Appeal


Every responsible employer knows that reasonable adjustments have to be made for disabled workers. However, in a guideline decision involving a civil servant suffering from post-viral fatigue… Read More

Major blunder at Ministry of Justice


One of the big problems with software is that when it doesn't work correctly, the absence of 'visibility' of the process can often mean that the fact that the output is wrong isn't immediately… Read More

Disloyal former employee stopped in tracks


Businesses often have no choice but to allow employees access to sensitive trade information despite the obvious risks which that entails. A recent High Court case demonstrates how fast the law can… Read More

Small Businessman Beats BMW in Internet Domain Names Dispute

Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, regardless of size or economic muscle. In one case which underlined that principle, a small businessman came out on top in a dispute with giant car… Read More

Franchise termination triggers trade war


The acrimonious termination of commercial contracts can lead to outbreaks of fierce competition and mutual bad-mouthing which affect customers and enter the public domain. That was certainly the… Read More

Stock market punt costs £1.8 million


Many people think that gambling on the stock market is easy and a sure fire way to make money – one High Court case revealed how very wrong they can be. A businessman who bet that shares in Royal… Read More

Hope for thousands of family carers


Family members who care for their disabled loved ones are usually expected to give their services free of charge. However, in a ruling which will give hope to thousands, the Court of Protection… Read More

Oops! ‘UK Law’ and ‘UK Courts’ do not exist!


Contract drafting is an art which should only be undertaken by specialists. The truth of that statement was underlined by a case in which an arbitration clause in a major commercial contract… Read More

Involved in a dispute? You need to act..


It is sadly true that not every building project runs smoothly but, if the worst happens, it is no good sitting on your hands and hoping that the problem will go away. In one case, a construction… Read More

No need for ACAS certificate


The law is always focused on encouraging voluntary dispute resolution and that is certainly so in employment cases where workers must consult with the Advisory,Conciliation and Arbitration Service… Read More

‘Sparkly lifestyle' mum's right to choose

Living will

In a landmark decision, the High Court has emphasised that anyone with the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves has an absolute right to refuse medical treatment. That is the case… Read More

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