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CA rejects tribunal fees challenge


The Court of Appeal has dismissed Unison's appeal against the decision of the High Court that it had failed to make its case that the introduction of Employment Tribunal (ET) fees in July 2013 was… Read More

Blind athlete fell from friends’ window


A blind athlete who suffered catastrophic injuries when he fell out of a window whilst staying with friends during the Henley Regatta has won the right to £2 million in compensation to pay for the… Read More

"The devil made me do it!"


A man who blew £2 million at the roulette wheel in two hours was ordered to cover his losses, with interest, after failing to convince a high court judge that casino staff should have known that he… Read More

Rugby club tax victory


A rugby club which was hit with a crushing VAT bill after building a new clubhouse is in line for a bumper rebate after a tribunal found that its use for socialising and recreation by the local… Read More

Seller had continuing commercial interest


Selling a business is rarely a matter of simply taking the money and walking away and one High Court case revealed that particularly tricky issues can arise when contractual obligations pass from… Read More

Executive violated employer’s confidentiality


A senior company executive who lied to the High Court when he categorically denied having breached the duty of confidence he owed to his former employer has come within an ace of being sent to… Read More

Disclose all or void your insurance!

Rail tracks

A failure to disclose the true nature and extent of a risk can render insurance policies not worth the paper they are written on. In one case which proved the point, a tunnelling contractor which… Read More

HMRC’s actions ‘grossly unfair’


One of the most important functions of courts and tribunals is to protect ‘the small man’ against the leviathan of the state. In one striking case, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) was heavily… Read More

Accident victim wore no seatbelt


A young man who was catastrophically injured when a taxi was involved in a head-on collision after skidding on ice is in line for multi-million-pound compensation – but his award will be reduced by… Read More

DIY will leads to family strife!

Last will

Making a will is one of the most important things you ever do and failing to take legal advice can lead to strife between your loved ones after your death. Exactly that happened after a widow… Read More

Sick leave and holiday


The interaction between sick leave and annual holiday leave poses a tricky problem for employers. However, in giving valuable guidance on the issue, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has improved… Read More

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