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Lack of precision led to contractual dispute

Boardroom battle

A lack of precision in employment contracts, particularly when it comes to calculation of staff bonuses, can poison the atmosphere of any business. So it was in the case of one company whose finance… Read More

Solicitors not liable for failed pub venture


It is in the nature of businesspeople that they usually have faith in their own abilities – but that does not mean that they should dispense with expert advice before entering into important… Read More

Animal charities lose out in will dispute

Estate claims

Everyone has the right to choose whom to benefit in their wills but that right is not unrestricted. In one case, a mother who cut her poverty stricken daughter out of her £486,000 estate, leaving… Read More

Depend on a friend? Get advice!


Those who fail to take legal advice before entering into business relationships or important transactions leave themselves open to fraud. In one case, a man whose friend and partner betrayed him… Read More

'Hospital blunder' boy awarded £8.7 million


Lawyers representing a 14-year-old boy who was left confined to a wheelchair, blind and unable to speak due to alleged negligent failures in his resuscitation following heart surgery when he was 13… Read More

Acas publishes Early Conciliation report


Since 6 May 2014, anyone wishing to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal (ET) must first notify the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas), so that they can be offered an… Read More

HSE 2014/2015 fatal injury statistics


Fatal injuries at work are, thankfully, rare, which means that the annual figures are subject to chance variation. However, over the last 20 years there has been a downward trend in the rate of… Read More

Fresh hope in whistleblowing case


A businesswoman whose dismissal came soon after the end of her close personal relationship with her boss has won a fresh opportunity to prove that she was unfairly sacked for whistleblowing by the… Read More

Company valuation was unfair


Valuing shares in a business is never easy and it becomes even harder when a company’s accounts do not reflect its true profitability. That was alleged to have happened before two directors fell out… Read More

Ministerial lobbying "all part of democracy"

Planning site

Lobbying of ministers by MPs on behalf of their constituents is a legitimate part of British democracy and did not give rise to any unfairness or bias in respect of a refusal of planning permission… Read More

No human rights protection for rioter


In a decision which raised important data protection and human rights issues, the Supreme Court has ruled that the police did nothing wrong when they published CCTV footage of a 14-year-old boy… Read More

Day-late dismissal claim dismissed!


Employment cases are subject to strict time limits and independent advice is essential to avoid the consequences of missing them. In one case, a former university research fellow had her hopes of… Read More

Gravely injured cyclist to be compensated


The number of cycling enthusiasts on British roads has ballooned in recent years but so have the number of serious accidents involving them. In one case, a woman who was left in a minimally aware… Read More

Read the small print!


Insurance small print can be tedious – but a failure to read and understand it can lead to policies becoming worthless and your premium a waste of money. In one telling case, an insurance company… Read More

Public rights of way extended


Landowners all over the country will be concerned by a Court of Appeal decision in a test case which involved delving back into legal and social history and paved the way for an explosion in the… Read More

Manager unfairly selected for redundancy


A manager who was made redundant after working for almost 30 years for the same employer has won the right to compensation after a tribunal pinpointed deficiencies in the procedure followed and… Read More

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